Stitch Says Book Review: The Case of the Stolen Plott Hounds #bookreview

Hi it’s Stitch

Chewie and I have been busy during the heat of summer. We’ve been reading and eating icecream!!!! Anyway today I have a great book review for you – it’s a dog book YAY!!!! Check it out…

The Adventures of Quinn Higgins Boy Detective
The Case of the Stolen Plott Hounds
By Douglas Quinn

I really enjoyed this book and know that it will appeal to boys. Girls will love it too, but as the story revolves around a group of boys it’s great for engaging boys in reading. Quinn follows a stray dog and it leads him to discover new friends and a whole new adventure. Each of the boys have their own story and personality. This book covers a lot – autism, race and the overriding fact that the boys like each other unconditionally. It’s an excellent subplot hidden behind the mystery of the stolen dog. Young readers will appreciate the mystery and the author has created lots of discussion points. Overall I recommend this book to anyone who wants to engage young readers in thinking about books. They will relate to the characters and love the story line.
Stitch Says gives it 5 woofs!

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Keep reading, keep writing!

A Walk Does the Trick #newbookidea #freshair

I went for a walk the other night, not for any reason other than I needed some exercise. I didn’t feel like sweating it out in the gym or busting a gut with an intense work out. I just wanted some fresh air. I didn’t even take any music. I just walked…

The fresh air of the beach did the trick. An idea that has been buzzing in my head, with no real plan finally became a reality. As I walked the idea became clearer and suddenly I had purpose. Yay, finally some motivation. Just what I needed.

Unfortunately before this walk the first words weren’t taking me anywhere. Now I have purpose and the words are taking me on an adventure! Now to get back to work. My lesson for today is for all of your writers out there, get off the chair and go for a walk. See where it takes you – have fun!!!!

Stitch Says Book Review: Too Many Pirates #awesomebook

Hi, it’s Stitch,

I am starting my year of reviews on a really high note – a five woofer!!!

Check out this fantastic read:

Too Many Pirates
The Adventures of Summer McPhee of Ocracoke Island
By Douglas Quinn

I absolutely loved this book, it is perfect for children aged 7-9. Summer McPhee and her friends like to solve mysteries and this one involves a burglary after a pirate festival. Can they find a criminal dressed up as a pirate, when everyone was dressed as pirates? It is a whole lot of fun. The characters are perfectly written as curious kids and the story line moves along at a nice pace. This is the second book from this series I have read and I recommend both of them. The great thing about this book is there is more between the lines, lessons all children learn appear along the way. Children will relate to Summer and her friends. That all adds to the fantastic read.
Stitch Says gives it 5 woofs!

You can find your copy on Amazon so check it out today!

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Keep reading, keep writing!!!!

Need some holiday reading? #reading #keepthekidsbusy

Are the kids going stir crazy in the holidays? Then get them reading…

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Stitch Says is open for business #Authorpromos #authorshelpingauthors

Hi I’m Stitch

and this is my little rag-bag, I mean buddy Chewie

We love to help children’s authors promote their work. I Stitch offer interviews and reviews! Chewie he doesn’t have the best attention span, he offers book blasts! Together we post here on this site that reaches lots of people to help promote authors. We do this because our human is also a children’s author and if we can’t help each other than who is going to help us?

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I have two books at the moment that I am reading by Douglas Quinn and hope to have those reviews up shortly. Watch this space! Keep reading, keep writing!

Happy New Year #NewYear #2018

Happy New year everyone. I hope you all had a great Christmas and enjoyed last night. We certainly did – had a surprise competition last night and came out winners. Always a good thing and was lots of fun! How did you spend the night?

What’s the plan for 2018??? I have one main goal…

Yep that sums it up for me this year. I found in 2017 I wasn’t as productive as I could have been. There were lots of reasons, work, kids etc I’m not blaming anything. I just found I was lacking motivation throughout the year and not getting things done. That being said I still managed to have one book and one story published. I also did a few author sessions at the local library and probably sold more books in total over the year. I just felt I wasn’t as switched on as usual.

Anyway I am going to change that in 2018.

I have lots I wish to achieve this year. My main writing goals are:
1. Get the next super hero book published
2. Host a book launch
3. Have my next two super hero books ready to go by the middle of the year
4. Edit a few drafts ready for publishing
5. Write more frequently
6. Keep Stitch Says moving – I have two books to read and review at the moment
7. Keep my blogs going

That sound like a lot, but if I stay focused I really think I can do it. I just need to find my mojo and get back to being efficient. Basically I need to stop wasting time in little things and get on with the really important stuff – My life!!!!

I also have a holiday to plan – looking forward to getting away, house to sort out (new floors going in next week – arghhhh!), exercise and fitness to improve (less time-wasting here too) and of course I work full-time and have the kids to keep me busy. A busy life is a good life and the holiday will be the reward, I have lots of events planned for the year already too. So I am going to need to be organised and that is my plan for the week. I am hoping this organisation will result in me being more productive. Time will tell.

Would love to hear all of your goals for the year… Have Fun!

Christmas Shopping #Booksarethebest

Are you ready to get you Christmas shopping into action? Then check out these children’s books…

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Make Christmas easy and have fun!

To Much Homework #getthisbook

The Perfect Excuse for not doing your Homework
Check out this one


Homework Goblin new

Jason has completed his homework for the first time, only to have it stolen by the Homework Goblin. He jumps out his window and into an amazing chase. Will he get his homework back in time?

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Stitch Says Book Review: Saving Sparky #Beaglesarecool

Hi it’s Stitch again,

I love beagles, they are so much fun. Naturally then I am always going to love books abut beagles and of course the Determined Beagle series is one of my favourites. Check out the latest story:

Saving Sparky – The Determined Beagle by Douglas Quinn

Solstice and Baby Snooks are woken up by Q-Tip the cat to be led on a rescue mission. A baby bird is lost in the forest. They need to find, it and rescue it before the other forest animals. The Determined Beagle is exactly that, she never gives up. Just like the rest of the series Saving Sparky is cute, well written and has beautiful illustrations. It is a perfect little book for little readers.

Stitch Says gives Saving Sparky five woofs!

More reviews to come, watch this space. Keep reading, keep writing!

All things writing!