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50 years ago a girl and her younger brother disappeared without a trace… or so the old ghost story goes.
What if it was all true and is happening again?
Alex wants to be a world famous explorer, but she never thought a boring family camping trip would be the adventure of her lifetime. When her younger brother is mysteriously Ghostnapped Alex and her trusty Labrador – Thuds must solve two mysteries. Can they do it in time?
Ghostnapped is a ghastly tale of adventure, mystery and a most unique monster. Kids of all ages won’t want to put this book down until both mysteries are solved.

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The Homework Goblin
Homework Goblin new

Have you ever lost your homework?
Maybe The Homework Goblin has been to visit you too?
Jason’s homework is finished, on time! His older sister warns him to put it away before The Homework Goblin can steal it!
Jason doesn’t believe in Goblins until he sees one jumping out his window, with his homework. Now Jason has to follow the Goblin and retrieve his homework. He begins an amazing chase, but will he succeed?

This story was written for all the students who have lost, forgotten or just not finished their homework!

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It’s What You Do Next That Counts
So many things can change in a year. For Callie everything has changed so quickly she no longer knows where she belongs.

Cover final

This is the story of one year in Callie’s life. It is full of teenage adventures, sport, friendship, bullying and the journey to find her own place in the world.

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