Stitch Says Book Review: Into the Web #actionnovel

Hi it’s Stitch here:

The weather is starting to warm up and that means we can sit outside and read…and enjoy an ice cream!

Today I have the second book in a series, so check it out:

Into The Web (Shadowzone Book 2) By Simon Rose

Into the Web is the second book in the Shadowzone series. Like the first it is action packed and will leave the reader wanting more. This time Ben and Charlie find themselves mixed up in a plot to prevent one world from taking over another. Ben discovers the truth about his parents and has to act to save his mum. To top it all off people start to believe Ben is the chosen one. His presence gives people hope in their doomed world, but makes Ben feel even more confused.
Once again Simon Rose has delivered a fast paced, action book with likable characters and a believable plot.

Stitch Says gives it 5 woofs!

You can check it out here:

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