Stitch Says Book Review: Shadowzone #greatbook

Hi it’s Stitch here

I know It’s been a while, I’ve been sheltering from the rain and the cold. However spring is here, in theory and t’s time to start reading in the sunshine again. Today I have a great book for you:

Shadowzone By Simon Rose

Charlie and Ben live in different worlds. Charlie’s is condemned to doomsday after an asteroid destroyed the environment. Ben’s is their target. During a storm they see flashes of each other’s world and fall into a dangerous adventure. They discover that Ben is the key to a takeover plot, where the leaders of Charlie’s worlds will destroy everyone on Ben’s then move over.
Shadowzone is the first book in a series and I guarantee you will be racing towards the second. The characters are intriguing, but even more interesting is the plot. The idea of an environmental catastrophe being the turning point in the existence of two parallel worlds draws in the reader. As Charlie and Ben sink deeper into the plot, the reader will delve deeper into their world.
An excellent read!

Stitch gives Shadowzone 5 woofs!

Check it out! More to come soon – keep reading, keep writing!

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