Cover Reveal #checkitout #newbook #ChaBooCha

It’s my birthday and I am going to celebrate by revealing the cover of my new book…

I’m pretty exited about this one. I wrote this story during a Chapter Book Challenge about three years ago. I know that sounds like a long time ago. I’m not real quick when it comes to getting my books published. that; because I like to make sure they are the best they can be and because I have a lot of other things going on. I do get there in the end!

This book is the first in my Super Hero series that has been inspired by my two girls. They helped me create the characters and have been a huge part of this project. it is also the first piece of my Chapter Book Challenge Lite puzzle. My plan is the get the second book to print proof stage. I have ordered this book and am waiting for it to appear, however today I am going to reveal the cover…


I am hoping this cover will set the whole series into a positive light. The next covers will be a similar format, so it is really important that this one hits the spot…

What do you think??

Right back to work now – have fun!

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