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Hi it’s Stitch here:

I have been really busy reading this week, check out the latest review and a bonus character interview!

BeachBoundBooks is pleased to be coordinating a Blog Tour for the beautiful children’s book written by Cat Michaels and Illustrated by Irene A. Johns, Sweet T and the Turtle Team. The tour will run from July 12 – August 9, 2017.


About the Book


Title: Sweet T and the Turtle Team
Author: Cat Michaels
Illustrator: Irene A. Jahns
Publication Date: July 2017
Publisher: 2101 Ink
Number of Pages: 72
Recommended Ages: 6 to 11
Summary: It’s nesting season for loggerhead sea turtles on North Carolina’s Gull Island. Nine-year old Tara (or Sweet T as her family sometimes calls her) is determined to see hatchlings make it safely from their nests to their ocean home. Summering on Gull Island with Great Aunt Mae could be tons of fun, but T is having a hard time making new friends with island children, let alone finding kids to help her monitor a sea turtle nest.There’s little sister Jenna, but Jenna is, well, little. Fuzzy is around, too, but Jenna’s blue stuffy rabbit gets lost all the time. Besides, a toy bunny can’t help protect turtle nests.Tara befriends Billy, a moody island child. He teaches her skimboarding and shows her the best shelling spots. But Billy stomps away when she asks him to read the “Turtle Team Guide” and join her in saving baby sea turtles.

What’s up with Billy? He’s nice one minute and grumpy the next. And why does he refuse to join T’s Turtle Team? T can’t figure him out.

A tropical storm threatens Gull Island just as the sea turtle nest is ready to hatch. T must abandon the nest and prepare for bad weather.

  • Will Sweet T and her friends keep safe from the storm?
  • Will the sea turtle nest survive angry ocean waves?
  • Will Billy reveal his secret?

Dive into adventure, fun and secrets on Gull Island with “Sweet T and the Turtle Team” to find out!

“Sweet T and the Turtle Team” is the third book of the Sweet T Tales Series of chapter books for early and reluctant readers by Cat Michaels, MS., Ed. With a glossary, comprehension quiz, sea turtle hatch photo gallery, and discussion questions, “Turtle Team” delivers powerful messages about protecting marine life while helping young readers empathize with children who struggle to read.

Pre-order Now ~ Available July 21, 2017

Take a peek inside the book…



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About the Author


Author, blogger CAT MICHAELS, M.S., Ed., has more than two decades of experience helping students from kindergarten to college with learning disabilities and Asperger’s syndrome.

Her chapter books and Sweet T Tales series for beginning readers tell of every day life with a twist of magic and mischief. Cat’s books encourage young and reluctant readers to use their imagination and solve kid-sized dilemmas as they enjoy reading.

Cat lives in North Carolina with her family, where she enjoys digital photography and graphic design, creates pocket gardens, works out as often as she can, and writes.

Website/Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

Find Cat’s books on Amazon and iTunes

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Stitch has been busy this week. Here is his character interview with nine-year old Tara, or Sweet T as her family sometimes calls her. T tells us about her role in Sweet T and the Turtle Team and summer adventures on Gull Island, North Carolina

“Hey, Sweet T!” as they say in Carolina. Welcome to my blog!

Super-excited to be here with you and on the Beach Bound Books tour! Cat says, “Hey!” back, and I am not to embarrass her. (Oops! Not supposed to say that last part.)

What brings you to Gull Island from your home in Kelly Lake? 

I’m staying with Great-aunt Mae Gray and little sister Jenna at Gray Cottage while Mama works at Gull Island Aquarium for the summer. It’s fun at the beach, but I miss Daddy and Kristen. They’re home in Kelly Lake because Kristen is at computer camp, and daddy is teaching summer school.

Are you making new friends on Gull island?

I’m trying, but it’s hard. Island kids are nice but they aren’t used to my city ways. Aunt Mae’s neighbor, Billy, can be nice one minute and grumpy the next. I can’t figure him out. I invited him to join my turtle team, but he said “No!” and stomped off. I asked Aunt Mae if she knew why, but she says it’s Billy’s secret to tell. I still want to be his friend, no matter what.

Tell us about your favorite moment in the story.
OOOooo. I know EXACTLY! When baby sea turtles hatch!

They are so cute! A gazillion pop out of their nest and swish across the sand to the ocean. 

Turtle teams watch over the babies to make sure they don’t become dinner for sand crabs and seagulls. Our artist, Irene A. Jahns, painted us THE most beautiful picture of a hatch. Cat calls it “shimmery watercolors to dazzle the eye.” 

You and sister Kristen exchange nightly text messages to stay in touch because Kristen’s far away in Kelly Lake with your father. Are your parents ok with the two of you texting?
Oh, yes! Mama and Daddy let us borrow their tablets for 30 minutes each night. Mama says it helps Kristen practice what she learns during computer camp. And I like learning texting, too. HaHaHa – Daddy says we still must know how to spell correctly -:>

Were you scared in the chapter about the tropical storm?
Well, tbh (that’s texting language for to be honest – Cat has a texting glossary in our book to help you learn the shortcuts!) we were all nervous when Cat first told us she was going to put us in an ocean storm. But she explained she’d lived through hurricanes and tropical storms as a girl in New England and then as a big person in North Carolina. She wasn’t going to make it a scary storm. Just enough bad weather to stir up adventure for us and let readers experience what it’s like to be in a summertime beach storm. Hint: lots of wind, thunder, and high surf!

What other books are you in?
Cat writes chapter books for young readers and older kids, who are smart but have a hard time with reading. She wrote my whole family and me into her first two books, Sweet T and the North Wind and Finding Fuzzy. (Oh, and you don’t have to read our books in order. We tell a complete story in each tale.)

Cat also wrote an e-book for i-Books and Kindle, The Magical Aquarium. Even though I’m not in it, it’s a really cool story for young readers about ocean creatures. UK artist Corrina Holyoake created the centerpiece illustration that shows … OOPS! … Can’t tell you what it is because I’ll give away the aquarium’s secret. But kids will love it when they find out and see her drawing!

I hope Cat writes another Sweet T Tale and keeps me in it. Maybe a return to Gull Island!?!

Thanks for joining us today, Sweet T. All the best to you and your new book, Sweet T and the Turtle Team.
Awww, thanks. It’s fun meeting you and your readers. Cat says y’all are THE best. She’s so right! We hope you’ll visit us on Gull Island soon. Sweet tea and Aunt Mae’s triple-fudge, peanut-butter pie are waiting for you at Gray Cottage. Happy tales!

Now it’s time for Stitch’s review:

Nine year old Tara may be having trouble making friends on the island, but she is determined to help the hatchlings get to the water safely. Being part of the turtle team leads her to find out more about the other kids on the island. It all seems to be going well, when a storm hits. Will Tara and her team be able to save the hatchlings?
Sweet T and the Turtle Team is a delightful book for animal lovers. The characters are interesting and there is great information about sea turtles too. The language is simple and the storyline is easy to follow. A great read for children aged 6 to 11.

Stitch Says gives it 4 woofs.

Keep reading, keep writing.

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