Been Writing, At Last #finally #lovetowrite

I have completely neglected my blog, but I have good reason. I have actually written something. That’s pretty exciting, because lately I have just been coming up with ideas, but nothing has flown. Then I had a hot bath… think that one came from Harry Potter. Take a bath, that will give you the clue. Well in this case I didn’t need a golden egg, but the bath did do the trick. An idea came too me and for once I got it down straight away.

Tonight I read the draft to my critics… I mean children. They loved it, so there is tick number one. It does need some polishing of course, but when I read it out loud I did realise something. It’s actually pretty good. I will be submitting it in a month or two for an anthology. Which is pretty exciting. I am looking forward to posting more about that later.

This draft has done something else for me. It has reenergised my writing. Just in time too. It is almost March, which means Chapter Book Challenge time!

I love this challenge. I have even now published one of the books I wrote a few challenges ago.

I am aiming to publish two more books written during this challenge later in the year. More about that later too. So much exciting stuff happening. I have lots to do and lots to share. For now though I am just happy that my Chewie story got the kid’s seal of approval and I can keep working on it!

What are you working on at the moment? Have fun!

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