Day 3: Character Costumes #Authorblogchallenge

On the day before All Hallow’s Eve, let’s examine the obvious and think Halloween today. If you were to put together a “costume” to promote your book, wear at your book signings/events, and otherwise attract attention – and, more importantly, questions – about your book, what would it look like? Are you brave enough to actually wear it?
BONUS: Tell us about the results if you’ve actually already created and worn said costume.

This is funny because a few years ago my kids dressed up as the two super heroes they helped me to develop. I have had some short stories staring these characters published, but the actual chapter books are still a working process – hopefully next year!


The super heroes we created are:

Lightning Lilly

Princess Seea and Super Stitch

I can’t wait to get these books out there, they have been so much fun to write. I have lots of ideas to keep this series going too.

Cover  text

(still working on the cover and the illustrations)

As for me… Mmmm I’m not really into dress up and to be honest there aren’t too many adults in my story. I guess I could find a green mask and go as The Homework Goblin… that would be great in class, no you can’t use that excuse because I am the homework goblin…

Homework Goblin new

More soon – have fun!

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