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I’ve been busy being a dog, but I have managed to read in my spare time. Today I have an awesome book review for you…

Future Imperfect by Simon Rose


Alex and his friend Stephanie are geeks. They love technology and are keen to learn more through Alex’s dad. He works in Silicon Valley on top secret projects. Their world is thrown into turmoil when they are involved in a car accident and Alex’s dad goes missing. Then a mysterious app from the future sends Alex and Stephanie on a wild goose chase. This book has everything the kids today love, secret technology, corporate espionage, kidnapping, and murder. Can Alex and Stephanie prevent millions of future deaths by solving this mystery?
Often stories that involve cross overs from the future are confusing and lacking in believability. Future Imperfect has none of that. It is well written and will keep the reader engaged.

Stitch Says gives it five woofs!

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