Winter is the perfect time to write #getthewritingbug

Have you got a story busting to be written?

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The Not So Boring Book #1 – Write your own story


Ten chapters full of writing activities designed to get the ideas flowing and help you create a story ready to be published. Each chapter gives you the opportunity to work on one story. Follow the book right to the end and bask in your finished product.

This book can be used by anyone (child or adult) who loves to write.

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Challenges #amwriting #plans

The challenge has been set.. My ten year old has spent her free time at school (what is that???) to find the perfect cake for her sister! This is what she has come up with:

She seriously overestimates my cake making skills. However the challenge has been set and I am contemplating accepting. They haven’t beaten be yet so I guess I need to work out a way of making this happen. Don’t worry the mind is already ticking over. It certainly won’t be completely edible. That’s fair because we don’t need to eat that much cake. I will work it out somehow. At least I have a few months to work it out.

Have fun!

Ticking the Boxes #gettingthingsdone #milestogo

Wow I’ve really been neglecting my blog – wish I could say it is for a good reason. Actually it is for a good reason, but not because I have been writing. I have been to many soccer matches, swimming sessions, gyms sessions, playing volleyball and walking the dogs. In short I have been so exhausted by the time I have finally managed to sit down. My blog and my writing has been put on the back seat.

I have my writing sparkle back though. Actually during this time I have had something done. My husband is working on the cover for my first super hero book. That’s pretty exciting and there will be a big cover reveal soon. This means I need to get on with the formatting and everything else. This has given me some new motivation to actually get some work done.

What’s that saying? Slow and steady… well okay it probably doesn’t apply if you are actually not moving. I am getting on with things now. I have completed three jobs already tonight. One actually includes this blog. I have finally updated the pages. YAY!! I actually have my newer books on here. Ooops only took about a year… Oh well I got there in the end. I have also written a blurb for my creative kids tales story. That’s another job, will submit it by the end of the week. I also did some school work. Not too much, but enough that I can actually get my assessment done. That’s actually what saps my writing energy. There is nothing like putting together 350 reports to take away all that creative energy. Twice a year, it takes its toll. That’s all part of life and work though. What I love about writing is I can escape from all of that and just live in a fantasy world for a while.

Speaking of which I am going back into the world of the super hero right now – will blog again soon!
Have Fun!

May the Fourth Be With You #starwarsappreciation #hastobedone

I know it’s quirky, but I have to admit to being a Star Wars fan. I’m not fanatical about it, but I do love a good story and let’s face it Star Wars is a good story.

On our big trip to Walt Disney World we had some awesome Star Wars moments. The girls got to fight Darth Vader during the Jedi Academy. He even said my little one was strong in the force.. he’s right there. We met Chewbacca and he is one massive wookie! We watched the incredible fireworks and of course the first order marching down the street. It was certainly an amazing experience.

May the Force be with you – and of course may it lead you to writing and reading awesome stories…

Have fun!

Stitch Says Review: Chase Tinker No 2 #bookreview

I love that the title rhymes… Okay I’m just in that type of mood. Stitch here by the way:

I have finally finished the second book in the Chase Tinker Series so it’s time to share:

Chase Tinker and the House of Secrets (The Chase Tinker Series, Book 2)
by Malia Ann Haberman

Chase Tinker and his magical family are back and this time the stakes are even higher. The evil family is still trying to steal their magic and their free will. Chase now has his father back and they are now a part of a rescue mission. However things are not as clear as they seem. There are new twists, turns and magical characters. Chase Tinker and the House of Secrets is a fantastic sequel. I would recommend reading the first book before this one so you get the whole feel for this magical world.
One this for sure at the end of this story you will be reaching for the third.
Says gives it 5 woofs!

So go and check it out!!!

Keep reading, keep writing!

May Blues #itscoldoutside #timetowrite

May has arrived with rain and cold weather. There is nothing better than cold, wet nights to get the writing flowing. Well that’s my theory anyway. As long as the brain doesn’t freeze it’s probably sound…

I still have a lot of goals from previous months to complete. Who am I kidding, I have a lot from previous years to complete. The trick is to always keep moving forwards and keep the goals in sight. They just take longer sometimes.

That’s all part of the fun.

I have achieved something this month already… I submitted a flash fiction piece staring these two amazing characters,

The first cuddle

When he was sweet

I’m pretty excited about that for sure. I love being a part of anthologies, it makes writing a team sport. As sport is one of my other loves it’s great to combine them all. I haven’t just been writing though. I’m also in design and formatting mode. Which is a bit like trying to play soccer against an octopus. Certainly a challenge. Hopefully I will have some big news by the end of the month… We’ll see…

In the mean time – have fun!