The Perfect Excuse for not doing your Homework #homework #backtoschool

Back to school… has the homework started to pile up? Need the perfect excuse?

Check out this one


Homework Goblin new

Jason has completed his homework for the first time, only to have it stolen by the Homework Goblin. He jumps out his window and into an amazing chase. Will he get his homework back in time?

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Time to get back to it #beentoolong #greattohaveabreak

Wow where has the month gone? It has taken me a lot longer to get back to my blog than I thought it would. I should explain. Last year my husband and I took the kids on the most amazing holiday ever.

We went to Walt Disney World for Christmas and New Years. We also went to San Francisco, then Orlando, on to San Diego and finished up in Los Angeles. It was the most amazing holiday I have ever experienced. We all had a great time and have so many awesome memories. There will be plenty shared across the year.

I have so many photos and videos to go through. It’s going to take me most of the year to get my new projects going. So far I have sorted the photos and videos into folders, printed a lot and begun my scrapbook.

Disney was incredible and the kids loved going to Universal Studios in LA too. They fell in love with the Harry Potter area. As did I, it was like walking into the books. Every little detail was perfect. There will be more about this later too.

I have more than a year’s worth of stories to tell and photos to share. So while it has taken me longer to get back to the blog than I wanted, it was worth it. Now I need to get back to reality… a bit anyway. I have so much I want to achieve this year. Will be making a delayed start to my new year goals soon. For now I need to get my writing into gear. Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year!

Have Fun!