Happy New Year #newyear #party

I would like to thank everyone who has read my blogs, participated in Stitch Says or Chewie’s News. It’s been fun and I look forward to more great challenges and blogging in 2017.

At some stage I will put up my goals for the new year. When I sit and look at what I have achieved in 2016 I am pretty happy. I have published two of my own books.

FrntCover_FINAL (419x640)


Completed a few drafts, submitted some flash fiction for publishing and got a few stories that are ready to publish in 2017. Overall I think I did pretty well considering all the other things I had to get done. Writing is and will always be my hobby and as such can take a back step on occasions. I am looking forward to 2017 and have lots I want to achieve. For now though have a safe and happy new year!

2016-01-01 02.31.18

Have fun!

Day 25: Things I Love About Christmas #ChristmasDay

Then finally the big day arrives….


Kids are up early, they love to go out on the lawn and find the evidence of the sleigh landing. Then its present time, always lots of fun. I love watching them as they open the gifts. Once that is done it’s time for breakfast, more presents and then of course we see the family.

We always have fun!

I would like to wish every one a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!


Have fun!

Day 24: Things I Love About Christmas #ChristmasEve

I love setting up for Christmas eve. We read our favourite stories, watch a Christmas movie, set up cookies and a beer. Then it’s off to bed. I usually go about the same time as the kids. Let’s face it they’ll be up bright and early on Christmas Day!


It’s a long night, often with very little sleep, but it’s a great night.

Have fun!

Day 22: Things I Love About Christmas #traditions


We have lots of little traditions. I have mentioned a few before so I won’t repeat myself. However I think the whole notion of Christmas traditions is worth mentioning. There are things I do because my parents used to do them. Thing like when the tree goes up. Then there are new things I have introduced along the way – baking for example. My girls have even added their own traditions to our family – sleigh landing area. I will be interested in time to see which ones they continue and eventually pass on to their children.

Traditions bring fantastic memories.

Have Fun!

Day 20: Things I Love About Christmas #Characters


Christmas brings a whole host of characters. There’s the big man in red, elves, and reindeer. Sometimes we get snowmen and here in Australia there are lots of animals that join in the fun. It’s great to see all the amazing decorations, crafts and baking that can be done with these characters in mind. I guess what I really love about Christmas is the stories it brings.

Have Fun!

Day 19: Things I Love About Christmas #gettingready

We have our schedule of events and as the day comes closer we do different things. About this time of the year we begin setting up the sleigh landing area.


This goes on the lawn and is where Santa will stop for our house. This year is going to be totally different, so it’s been a bot interesting not doing these things. Will be completely worth it in the long run, but for now it feels a bit weird.

Have fun!

Day 17: Things I Love About Christmas #shopping

I am not really one for shopping. I go when I have to and unless I am on holidays I am in and out as quick as possible. However on holidays I am completely different. I love to look at things.


Christmas shops are my favourites. It is no secret I love Christmas decorations, lights and craft. It is annoying when shops put the same stuff out year after year, but I still go and look in hope. It’s great when you find that amazing thing you have never seen before and just know it has to be added to your collection.

What Christmas bargains have you found?

Have fun!

Day 16: Things I Love About Christmas #train

I love Christmas trains that go around trees. Why do we have these? I have no idea, but they are really cool.


I found our train to be very useful. When the girls were little they learnt to sit back and I would turn the train one. This meant they never touched the tree – winning!!!! It was great, I could put all my special decorations on and they’d just go into the room, pull up a beanbag and sit. The train also kept the dogs away, not that they were really all that interested.

Prior to having a train, or kids for that matter Obi would investigate the presents. Funnily he’d only remove his, never unwrap them. He’d just pull out all the presents with Obi written on them and pile them up on his mat. I think he was counting them!


Have fun!