Writing Prompts #justwrite

I need to get back to my writing so from time to time I am just going to blog my response to a random writing prompt. I’d love to see other writers have a go at the prompts too, just for fun. I am hoping some of these prompts might lead to extra ideas… You never know, stranger things have happened. Well let’s get started…

Today’s prompt is:
The bar was full of…. Leprechauns well why not. They’re small, green, cranky and probably like a drink. I can see it now. A dark and stormy day… the rainbow isn’t out yet, but they know it’s coming so…… they head to the bar for a drink. Naturally a fight breaks out. After all one Leprechaun’s pot of gold would have to be bigger than anyone else’s. Let’s face it that would be the topic of conversation. Naturally there would be arguments, slapping down of glasses and lots of loud yelling. Eventually the bar tender would throw them all out for their loud behaviour. They’d slump off to hide their pots of gold at the end of the rainbow….


Okay so maybe not, but that’s what came to mind today. I think I need a break!!! Or some more ideas any way. Better get back to work!
Post your ideas here and as always have fun!

Australia Day #lastdayoff #lovethisday

Yester day was Australia Day. A day of playing cricket, watching cricket, eating good food and having lots of fun. Of course it was hot, but that’s to be expected. It’s a great way to end the summer holidays and Stitch loves to join in with the BBQ

2014-09-19 11.56.19

So now it’s back to work. Which will be interesting because I have so much writing I want to do, but that will have to take a back seat. Sort of…

I am really close to releasing my next book – which will be something completely different so watch this space! Just making the final check now!!!!

I am also about to order the print proof od the second Obi book – It’s pretty exciting!

Plus I need to get back into blogging – who needs sleep? Not me! Funnily enough I am usually way more productive when I am busy. So fingers crossed cause it’s going to get hectic!

Hope all the Aussie’s had a great Australia Day – have fun!

2016 goals… a bit late, but I’m getting there #notimelikenow #goalsetting

I am slowly getting myself organised for the year. The Christmas tree and all the decorations are safely packed away and I am getting excited about the year ahead. AS I said the other day I have uploaded my new book. Well I have now ordered the print proof!!!!! Watch this space for a gigantic launch soon!


That’s not all I have achieved so far this year. I have also
• Written a draft of a flash fiction piece for another anthology
• Completed the edit of my second Obi book – just need to get the formatting right!
• Started planning my working year.
That’s pretty good for me even though we are in week two, I am a bit behind as always. I have lots more goals for the year too, here is what I am aiming to do…
• Draft the first two books in my next series (during the Chapter Book Challenge in March)
• Finish the draft of the trilogy I started last March
• Write four anthology pieces
• Publish Obi number 2 (very soon)
• Publish the first two of my super hero books
• Have books 3 and 4 of the super hero series ready for publishing in 2017
• Keep up my blogging, interviewing and reviewing
• Come up with some new ideas!
And they are just my writing goals.
I have some really exciting stuff happening this year. It’s going to be a busy one because I have a new job and its full time. I’m looking forward to that challenge too and I know more writing material will come from my work. So it’s a win / win!

Right that’s done, now an update on my write a page every day in January challenge – I am up to date! Well sort of, I have certainly written every day not always stories, but it’s still writing! Now I have to think to a challenge for February… Any ideas would be great, what are our goals for 2016?
More news soon – have fun!

Got the Writing Bug? #notsoboring1 #writingbook

Have you got a story busting to be written?

Check out the newest writing journal – it’s different and will get you writing.

The Not So Boring Book #1 – Write your own story


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This book can be used by anyone (child or adult) who loves to write.

Just get your pencil and begin!

You can get your own copy here:


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Check it out today and get writing!

Happy New Year #2016 #newbeginning

2016-01-01 02.31.18

Can you believe it 2016 is here!!!! Did I achieve all my goals in 2015??? I got a lot done, released my fourth book and republished my original three. I was also published in three anthologies. I did get two more stories off to the editor and am close with another two. I guess I did pretty well. I’m not the kind of person who likes to go back and check. I’m pretty sure there are things I didn’t achieve, but I also know there are things I did achieve that weren’t on the list.

As for 2016 – well I started pretty well. Today I uploaded my new book! Yay hoping to order the print proof by the start of next week. One goal achieved already!

I have lots of other goals for writing this year, which I will get to at some stage. I thought I’d start the year with a challenge. I am aiming to write one page every day in January. That doesn’t sound like much, but I am hoping it will be enough to get the creative juices flowing for the year.

What are your goals?

More soon – have fun!

2015-04-13 03.30.44