Read a book today #booksoverHalloween

Over Halloween??? Sick of lollies and candy? Read a book instead…

It’s What You Do Next That Counts

Cover final

Twelve months ago Callie’s world was turned upside down. Her parents were killed in a plane accident and she had tough decisions to make. Callie chose to move to Perth Australia and live with her Aunt and Uncle. Her older brother Steven, followed, determined to take her back to Vancouver and home. Callie embarks on a journey of discovery and friendship. In a year that will change her whole outlook on life. It’s What You Do Next that Counts is full of laughter, tears, good times, hard times, success and failures. It’s a book for all ages about taking steps forward and finding your place in the world.

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Mystery Book #readoverHalloween

Not into the spooky side of Halloween??? Would you rather solve a great mystery??

Join Obi in his very first adventure:

Obi 1 new

Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist
What happens when you discover you dog is really a super puppy?
Maddy and Aijay always thought their yellow Labrador Obi was the best dog in the world. Now they know it is true.
Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist is the tale of his first adventure. Obi has just joined his new family only to discover a mysterious, evil red mist is lurking around his home. It can control toys, animals and now it’s after Obi. What is controlling the mist? Can Obi and his friend put a stop to it before it’s too late?
Maddy and Aijay listen to Obi’s story and find out how he became a real super puppy.

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Got too Much Homework over Halloween? #readabook

Did you teacher set you homework over Halloween???

A bit unfair, but here’s a ready made excuse ….

Homework Goblin new

Have you ever lost your homework?
Maybe The Homework Goblin has been to visit you too?
Jason’s homework is finished, on time! His older sister warns him to put it away before The Homework Goblin can steal it!
Jason doesn’t believe in Goblins until he sees one jumping out his window, with his homework. Now Jason has to follow the Goblin and retrieve his homework. He begins an amazing chase, but will he succeed?

This story was written for all the students who have lost, forgotten or just not finished their homework!

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Ghostly book for Halloween #getreading #booksinsteadofcandy

Looking for a book over Halloween???

Check out this spooky read

New Cover
New Cover

50 years ago a girl and her younger brother disappeared without a trace… or so the old ghost story goes.
What if it was all true and is happening again?
Alex wants to be a world famous explorer, but she never thought a boring family camping trip would be the adventure of her lifetime. When her younger brother is mysteriously Ghostnapped Alex and her trusty Labrador – Thuds must solve two mysteries. Can they do it in time?
Ghostnapped is a ghastly tale of adventure, mystery and a most unique monster. Kids of all ages won’t want to put this book down until both mysteries are solved.

available on Kindle and in Paperback

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New projects #writing #ideas


Okay so it’s no secret I am easily distracted… No I am not a dragon, but it does give me some major ideas. That’s where I am right now. I have ideas flapping their wings.

2015-07-18 06.57.55

I need to do some major organizing so I don’t lose all these ideas. I need to do this quickly because I am going to give myself a challenge over November. More about that later, for now I need to get some work done. Once again it’s going to be a busy time. I have reports to write, Christmas to organise and lots more. One thing I have learnt over my writing journey (so far) is that I work better when I have less time. I know that I get less distracted when I have less free time. I should be fairly productive over November because I really have no free time… will wait and see.


When are you most productive??? Have fun!

Birthday Boy #happybirthday #specialdog

Today is Chewie’s 2nd birthday!


That means he is about to grow a brain.. okay lets not get too excited, he is a complete nugget!


His sole purpose in life appears to be preventing Stitch from getting cuddles


He also loves to play with uncle Tug


He is one of a kind, that loves life. Sometimes he is very lucky he is cute, but I have to say he is one of the most fun loving pups I have eve met!


Happy birthday beautiful – have fun!

Spooky Reads for Halloween #getreading

Looking for something to read this Halloween?

Want to buy books instead of lollies?

Check out these spooky reads


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Enjoy a spooky read – have fun!

Staying in the Groove #needtowrite #tomuchtodo

I completed the Author Blog Challenge and said I would keep blogging… yep missed a day. That’s life, I know I won’t blog every day. It’s one of those things I always intent to, but it won’t happen. As long as I get it done a few times in a week I am happy. Especially at this time of the year…


Halloween is coming, then it’s the road to Christmas. So many things happening.

2015-09-05 10.19.49

Right now I need to be writing the blurb for my next book. Then I have formatting to continue with , not to mention editing. So much going on. I will blog again soon. Just wanted to say a big well done to everyone involved in the Author Blog Challenge, it was a lot of fun. I am still catching up on my reading, nut I will get there. Until next time!

Have fun!

ABC Day 35: Challenge Complete #authorblogchallenge

What are you going to do to keep the blogging momentum going? What plans do you have to continue your connection with other Author Blog Challenge participants and the new readers you’ve generated for your blog?

I did it, I blogged for 35 days straight YAY!!!

2015-06-19 15.55.02 web

It is my intention to keep blogging regularly. Not every day because I have other writing that needs my attention and it’s almost time to start the Christmas fun! I will keep blogging. Do want to keep in contact with fellow participants and read what they have to say. I have enjoyed reading their blogs. Everyone who has posted on the Facebook page has been saved to my favourites and I will drop in from time to time. I hope people keep checking out my blog too.

2015-04-05 00.38.15

I am also happy to interview any of the participants as part of my Stitch Says blog – email me at
Will also review any children’s books – same email (I am looking for more to read!)

Stitch web

This has been fun, thanks to everyone involved. I am looking forward to the next challenge. I have a game plan for the rest of the year and it looks a bit like this:
1. Approve my original three books for a print run (pending print proofs that should be here this week)
2. Get my next two books to the stage I am ordering the print proof (preferably before the end of the year)
3. Write my business plan – with goals for 2016
4. Send my four superhero books off for editing!
5. Keep blogging
6. Keep writing
7. Keep reading
Most importantly – keep loving writing!!!
To see what other bloggers think go here:
Catch you all soon – have fun!

ABC Day 34: The Challenge #authorblogchallenge

What has been the best part of participating in the Author Blog Challenge? What are your suggestions for improving the next Author Blog Challenge?

I love this type of challenge; it forces me to actually write every day. I try to do a few challenges a year because I know I am more productive during these times. The great things about the author blog challenge are:

Author Blog challenge

1. Having a prompt to blog about every day – sometimes I run out of ideas for my blog and this is great to give me ideas. I also like thinking about different things (getting ideas too!)
2. Connecting with other authors – reading and commenting on their blogs (I have more to catch up on, but I will). Connections are so important. It’s great to read what other people post.
3. Increasing traffic to your blog – I have more people read my blogs and comment during these challenges, which is of course why I blog in the first place.
4. Having fun – why else would we do it.

I have a few suggestions for next time (which I am looking forward too)
– Keep posting the prompts a few days in advance, this just helps people stay on track or ahead and may be the difference between completing the challenge and dropping out.
– Maybe some prompts that encourage creativity – almost story prompts or photos, just for a laugh
– Would love to see more people posting on the Facebook page – it is the easiest to follow the links and read blogs.

To see what other bloggers think go here:
Have fun!