Happy New Year #partytime

I guess it is important to look back and see where the year went. My 2014 was full of surprises. I changed gyms, later changed my job, forged more friendships, lost a few along the way (as it happens), had more stories published in anthologies, got a few more books ready for publication, decided to venture into self-publishing and started a new series of chapter books.

Cover  text

It’s funny looking back. It was quite a year. One I think has changed me in terms of my writing and my career. I made some pretty heavy decisions and am keen to see how they play out.
I also had some great times with my family. We went on holidays, fed giraffes, saw movies, wrote stories, visited the zoo (a lot) and achieved a lot together.
Did I achieve all my goals for 2014? I would sort of say no, but I laid the foundations to achieve these goals in 2015. So I am giving 2014 a thumbs up. It wasn’t the easiest of years, but onwards and upwards.


There are lots of things I want to achieve in 2015. Mostly I want to enjoy being a part of my kids’ lives. I love being a part of their daily adventures. We are going to have lots of fun in 2015. More zoo days, stories, sport events and a holiday or two.
So New Year’s resolutions??? Well I only have one. Simply to enjoy every day! That’s it, if I achieve that then I am moving in the right direction. How am I going to achieve that? I’m just not going to let things get to me. If we can’t fit it in I will say no, if it’s not going to be fun then it’s a no. I am not going to get stressed out by people, work or anything else. From now on I hold the cards and I have decided to use them to benefit my family! Selfish?? Maybe, but that’s the way it’s going to be!


I have lots of goals, but that is my resolution. What’s yours?
Have a Happy and Safe New Year Everyone – see you all in 2015 for some more fun!

Boxing Day #thedayafter

I hope you all had a great Christmas day. Did you eat too much? Did the nasty calories come and visit through the night???


Hahahahaha, I’m sure they did. So now is as good a time as any to begin that healthy lifestyle. Get back on the bike, so to speak. We started the day with a trip to the beach for the dogs. Much needed I can tell you… Whatever you are doing – have fun!

Stitch Says and Chewie’s News #twelvedaysofChristmas

We made it…. Yay Christmas is so close and we must be on the nice list. We’ve helped wrap the presents; in the right paper (clearly mum got it wrong the first time). We also helped make the ice cream cake. Mum was right the vanilla does taste good. Of course we’ve helped decorate the house and worn silly Christmas hats. So let’s finish our song…
On the twelfth day of Christmas Stitch and Chewie gave to me:

2014-11-08 14.33.31

A dozen puppy kisses

2013-05-13 18.49.20

And I forgot all about the other eleven days.




Have a Very Merry Christmas Everyone – Love Stitch and Chewie (catch you all in 2015 so keep reading, keep writing!)

Merry Christmas Everyone #enjoytheday

We’ve got there; it’s the night before Christmas. The Sleigh Landing Area is complete. The cookies, beer, carrots and water are in place. Now it’s just time to wait for that big man in red to arrive!


I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. If you don’t celebrate Christmas then have a great holiday. I hope everyone has the best day of the year and gets to spend it with the ones they love. Personally I am looking forward to hearing the excited feet of Munchkin and Smudgekin as they charge down the hall. I know they will be super excited to see the cookies eaten, the carrots munched, the water and beer drunk. Of course they will love the sight of the full Santa sacks and enjoy the sounds of ripping paper.

Have fun!

The Perfect Christmas Gift #askSanta

Last year we gave Stitch and the whole family the perfect Christmas gift…


Chewie. Yep we brought home the little ratbag on the 23rd of December. Can’t believe we have had him for a whole year. Actually can’t believe he has survived the year… Okay I am kidding, but he is really a crazy puppy.


Let’s recap what he has brought to our lives:
• A desire to rid the garden of all gnomes – yes Ron Weasley would love Chewie, because he loves degnoming the garden. He even managed to find gnomes I had forgotten about. What does he do when he finds them? He eats them, what else would you do with statue gnomes?
• A complete inability to grow an orange tree. For whatever reason there will be no orange tree in our back yard. Chewie has managed to break into any place just to eat that tree. He walks straight past the lemon, apple and peach tree, but that orange tree apparently has no right to live.
• A few new nicknames – most of which will not be repeated on this blog. However he is often referred to as Nugget (he is a nugget, thick, heavy and sometimes a bit slow) and Chewbugga (guess you can work that one out).


Despite all that we wouldn’t change our lives with Chewie. He had big shoes to fill after we lost Obi and I have to say Chewie has managed to complete our family once again. He hasn’t replaced Obi; he has become part of our lives in his own right. The amazing things he has brought to us are:
• A whole new personality to Stitch – who now plays and loves his best mate. Chewie has brought life back into that boy, who like all of us loved and misses Obi. He is now happy to be at home because he has his best mate and pillow!
• A million smiles a day – Chewie is just happy to be alive. He is always smiling and his tail never stops wagging. He can brighten event he darkest moment.
• Laughter – the kids, all of us really laugh at him every day.

2014-11-28 08.13.42

So yes last year the puppy was our perfect present. It is certainly not a Christmas gift to be taken lightly. I hate thinking about all those Christmas puppies that get abandoned. It is a gift for life, but one that is well worth it if you plan on looking after it! What was your perfect Christmas gift?
Have fun!

Stitch Says and Chewie’s News #twelvedaysofChristmas

Stitch here, I have never touched the Christmas tree. I’m a good boy!

2014-04-30 11.08.23

Chewie here, Stitch has never touched the Christmas tree because the big goof ball is afraid of the train that goes around it. I like the train, mum has insisted that is doesn’t need chasing… One of these days I am going to find out.


On the eleventh day of Christmas Stitch and Chewie gave to me:
Eleven unwrapped presents
Ten Christmas cards I shoulda mailed
My wreath in nine pieces
Eight tiny reindeer fragments
Seven scraps of wrapping paper
Six yards of soggy ribbon
Five chewed-up stockings
Four broken window candles
Three punctured ornaments
Two leaking bubble lights
And the Santa topper from the Christmas tree.

One more to go – keep reading, keep writing!

Stitch Says Book Review: Dewi and the Seeds of Doom #dragonbook

Stitch here:


I have a dragon book for you today:

Dewi and the Seeds of Doom by Maggie Lyons


Welsh dragons need to do good deeds. Young Dewi finds himself in a challenging situation. H has to stop the Baron from executing a sickening plan. Young Dewi meets some friends who help along the way.
This is a middle grade book with some colourful characters and an interesting story line. Children will enjoy the adventure.
Stitch Says gives it 3 woofs!

Keep reading, keep writing!

Stitch Says and Chewie’s News #twelvedaysofChristmas

Chewie here, I would just like to point out that I did not eat the reindeer. I merely stole a carrot.
Stitch here to clarify the situation. Chewie stole the bag of carrots. Which somehow meant we got carrots for dinner? Seriously not fair. The humans had hamburgers!!!!

2014-09-19 11.56.19

Here’s the next part of our song…

Lnl_Yellow (217)

On the ninth day of Christmas Stitch gave to me:
My wreath in nine pieces
Eight tiny reindeer fragments
Seven scraps of wrapping paper
Six yards of soggy ribbon
Five chewed-up stockings
Four broken window candles
Three punctured ornaments
Two leaking bubble lights
And the Santa topper from the Christmas tree.

On the tenth day of Christmas Chewie gave to me:
Ten Christmas cards I shoulda mailed
My wreath in nine pieces
Eight tiny reindeer fragments
Seven scraps of wrapping paper
Six yards of soggy ribbon
Five chewed-up stockings
Four broken window candles
Three punctured ornaments
Two leaking bubble lights
And the Santa topper from the Christmas tree.


Stitch here – Obi and I once took a holiday, it’s almost time to take Chewie on one, but not before we finish our song! Keep reading, keep writing!

Chewie’s News Book Blast: Beenie’s Search #kidsbook

Chewie here:


I like to find things… even if I’m not meant too. Here’s a book about searching!

Beenie's Search by J.J. Schousboe

About the Book

Title: Beenie’s Search | Author: J.J. Schousboe | Publication Date: March 20, 2014 | Publisher: Friesen Press | Pages: 48 | Recommended Ages: 3 to 8

Book Description: Join Beenie, the friendly bear, as he searches for his family after hibernating for the long winter. Spring arrives and Beenie discovers that he is all alone. In search of food, friends and his family, Beenie gets side tracked and lost. When he remembers what he was taught by his parents, he overcomes his fears and sets off in the right direction. Beenie’s Search teaches young readers the importance of listening and following directions as they join Beenie in his adventure.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Friesen Press

J J Schousboe Designs | Google Play | Goodreads


About the Author: J.J. Schousboe

J.J. SchousboeJJ Schousboe migrated from the lovely island of Trinidad, in the Caribbean. She has been writing poems as a teenager and began writing stories for her children. A preschool teacher since 2007, JJ currently lives in Largo, Florida.

Twitter | Facebook | YouTube



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Stitch Says Book Review: Whipeye #fantasybook

Stitch here with an adventure, fantasy story for you:


Whipeye by Geoffrey Saign


This story is jam packed with adventure. Sam rescues a parrot from a pet store, only to be thrust into the middle of a saga filled with fantasy and mystery. She manages to secure the help of her friend Jake and discover some personal truths along the way.
Whipeye is at times too fast paced, and then it slows down dramatically. The flow of the story is inconsistent, although some readers will enjoy the quitter parts to assess what has happened. For real fantasy buffs around the age of 14 this book may be perfect. It certainly has all the elements of a good read.
Stitch Says gives it 3woofs!

You can check it out here: http://www.amazon.com/WhipEye-Chronicles-Geoffrey-Saign-ebook/dp/B00L6HY3TU/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

Keep reading, keep writing!