Inspiration can be anywhere #justopenyoureyes

Inspiration to write happens every day. If you keep your mind open and inhale the amazing things around you then there should be endless things to write about!

Mmm where's my lunch?
Mmm where’s my lunch?

Suck in the beauty of every living thing and get writing. Stop making excuse, it’s up to you to be inspired by life!


Jump at every opportunity!!!


I would love to hear what inspires you!

To assist with the whole writing process the month of July will be devoted to writing prompts! Chewie and Stitch will also be blogging lots, so watch this space!

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Have Fun!!!!

Tales 2 Inspire – My Special Boy #obithesuperpuppy #lovemydog

As you know I was asked to write a story about Obi for the Tales 2 Inspire Anthology. This was the hardest piece I have ever written, but also one of the most rewarding!


This was an amazing journey and something that has inspired me to keep writing! Here is what Lois W Stern has to say about my piece:

Ashley Howland lovingly portrays Obi, her intuitive golden Lab, so smart and loving that you just wish your could reach out and hug him. Obi influenced the lives of all whose lived he touched through his work and play both at school, in Ashley’s home and in a Labs ‘n Life program in Australia. Obi also touched many hearts, and once you read this story, it is bound to touch yours as well.
My Special Boy, Obi, a 2014 Tales2Inspire winner, is now published in
Tales2Inspire ~ The Sapphire Collection
Stories that Echo In The Mind

S/W Ver: 96.66.76A

You can find out more about Tales 2 Inspire at:

So there you have it – a chance to write your inspiring tale and read lots of others. Have fun!

Chewie’s News Book Blast: The Mysteries of the Grand Canyon #book #reading

Chewie here with lots to say!
One of my favourite things to do is explore and this book looks pretty awesome! Plus it has a dog in it, so double awesome!!!

Mysteries of the Grand Canyon by Marie von Minden


About the Book

Title: Mysteries of the Grand Canyon | Author: Marie von Minden | Publication Date: March 21, 2013 | Publisher: | Adventures of Discovery: Independent | Pages: 110 | Recommended Ages: 5 to 12 (read-aloud for younger children)

Summary: The author of the first interactive Grand Canyon ebook for children takes her readers on an exciting journey as a lively little dog befriends a California condor and an Abert’s squirrel, and together they explore the canyon.

What child wouldn’t want to go on the adventure of a lifetime with a great pup like Kristi Kay and follow her on a multimedia journey that is both fun and educational? Amazing stories told by her new friends keep you wondering what surprising new secrets they will reveal next. What happened to the people that lived in the canyon? Will the condors in the rescue program survive? This adventure story for elementary grade children offers an engaging way to experience the Grand Canyon.

For those who would like to learn more about the issues touched upon in the story, additional information is provided in the Kristi Kay Talks with a Ranger section at the end of the book via interactive media, photo galleries, maps, charts, and links to external websites.

This interactive ebook is especially appropriate for children 7-11 years old, and as a read aloud for younger children, and it would also be well-suited for an educational setting. Divided into 12 chapters, the book lends itself to be read in several sessions at the age appropriate pace.

“Mysteries of the Grand Canyon” is the first book in the A Cairn Terrier Travels to National Parks series, a series of educational adventure stories created to inspire appreciation and stewardship of our precious parks.


Book Trailer



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The Buzz

Mysteries of the Grand Canyon is educational, exciting, and entertaining all rolled into one. Marie Von Minden gives readers a fascinating glimpse into the canyon’s past as well as the creatures that still call the Grand Canyon home. The interactive function allows for further learning and the brilliant photos visually stimulate children and help instill the knowledge found within the story.” I highly recommend picking up a copy of Mysteries of the Grand Canyon.~ BeachBoundBooks

“A must have experience for young people. With its cute, intelligent looking dog, and a bird that looks like it was conceived by Dr. Seuss, it puts us into an animal society – so beautifully conceived in its civility, generosity, and interest and care for the world – that it is reminescent of books like Winnie the Pooh. These elements, set in the grandeur of the Grand Canyon, beautifully brought out by magnificent photographs and videos, make it a compelling book from both parents’ and teachers’ points of view. ~ Mr. Naturally, iBookstore Review

“Overall, this iBook provides a great introduction to the Grand Canyon to children who are about to visit it or who just want to learn more about this important National Park. It includes lots of beautiful photographs, the story is engaging and there is a huge wealth of information included. I found it a great opportunity to talk about the Grand Canyon with my son, and tell him about my own experiences visiting the park and hiking into the crater. I also really enjoyed learning about the California Condor and all the effort that has gone into the Recovery Program; it provided a great opportunity to talk about Endangered Species and our responsibility to help preserve them.” ~ iMum

“More than just a story, the book has incredible imagery that appears to lift off the page – a true photographic journey.” ~ Mom’s Lifesavers

“Readers of all ages will enjoy this engaging story to discover one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World at the Grand Canyon National Park. This photographically rich and entertaining ebook is especially appropriate for 7-11 year olds and as a read aloud for younger children, and it would also be well suited for an educational setting.” ~ The Appy Ladies

“As a teacher, I am grateful to use this amazing book with my class! My students loved learning about the Grand Canyon from precious Kristi Kay’s point of view, and they were excited to participate in the interactive aspects of the book; they didn’t want to put it down!” ~ A. Gillette, iBookstore Review


About the Author: Marie von Minden

KK and Marie for websiteJPGWould you like to live each day surrounded by unsurpassed beauty and deeply connected to nature? Marie finds it hard to believe, but this is now her lifestyle and she wants to share it through her photography and stories.

Marie von Minden was born and raised in Poland. She immigrated to Canada in 1982 and in 1999 she and her husband relocated to the United States. Like many Europeans, she was overwhelmed by the vastness and the beauty of North America and she developed a passion for landscape photography.

They began camping in the wilderness and connecting with nature on weekends and holidays, first in a tent and later in a cap-over camper. It was during those camping trips that a dream of full-time traveling and living in an RV evolved. In 2002 that dream became reality and they have been traveling in a 34 foot Airstream trailer ever since. America’s National Parks continue to be one of their favorite places to visit.

When Kristi Kay, a Cairn Terrier, joined them, the idea of a children’s book series about America’s National Parks as seen through Kristi Kay’s eyes grew as a natural extension of their lifestyle and love of nature. Through interactive adventure stories enhanced by photography selected from her vast photographic library, animation, sounds, videos, and unique graphics Marie hopes to express her gratitude for what has become her home, and to help cultivate appreciation and stewardship of these precious resources.

Website | Twitter | Goodreads


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So get your explorers hat on and check it out! Keep reading, keep writing!

People who Inspire #whotolookupto

Sometimes in life you meet people who just inspire you. Stick with these people, they are good for you. It is hard to find that true inspiration. So where do you look?

My advice, don’t look. You’ll find them along the journey. They may only be in your life for a short time, but if they make an impact in a positive way then that’s great.


You might never have met that person. Maybe a celebrity or character has inspired you… That’s awesome too. Take these inspirational tales and run with it! Have Fun!

Stitch Says Book Review: How Andrew got his Spots #childrensbook

Stitch here with a spotty story!!!

How Andrew Got His Spots - Blog Tour Button FINAL


How Andrew Got His Spots by Louise LintveltTitle: How Andrew Got His Spots | Author: Louise Lintvelt | Illustrator: Julie Sneeden | Publication Date: April 16, 2014 | Publisher: | Number of pages: 15 | Recommended age: 3 to 8


Poor Andrew is feeling very blue, all the other giraffes are very spotty but he is as white as can be. He does not have any spots, you see! He keeps seeing spots wherever he goes…

One spot,
two spots,
three spots,
And many, many, many more.

“Where did you get your spots?” he asks. Join Andrew as he discovers how the ladybug, the leopard and the owl came to have spots and discovers that spots often appear when you are least expecting them!

This is a wonderful rhyming picture book for children of all ages.


Narrated Video of How Andrew Got His Spots


Here’s what Stitch thought!!!!
Andrew the giraffe is as white as snow, he has not spots. He goes looking for his spots and finds lots of other spotty animals. Everyone tells him one day he will get his spots. This is a cute book with great pictures. Andrew goes on a journey to find his missing spots. The words move smoothly and children will enjoy the ways the animals came across their spots.
Stitch Says gives it 4 woofs!





About the Author: Louise Lintvelt

Louise LintveltI am from South Africa and I live in a city called Pretoria. I am a Chemical Engineer by day and a children’s book writer by night. I am married to a wonderful man and we have a beautiful two year old daughter called Allegra. I love writing stories for my daughter, who is a constant inspiration.

I have always loved reading. My childhood was filled with books and you would often find me crouched the corner of my room devouring the pages of my favourite book. I lived for Tuesday mornings as this would bring with it the excitement of a trip to the local library for story hour and the opportunity to take home a new book. I was the local librarian’s worst nightmare. I would arrive a few minutes early to check that she had not mistakenly chosen a book that had already been read in story hour.

I was a very bossy three year old with an insatiable appetite for books! This has not really changed much in the last twenty seven years. Dr. Seuss was my absolute favourite and to say that my copy of One, Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish was well read would be an understatement.

When it comes to writing, my daughter is my biggest inspiration. I love seeing her face light up with excitement when we sit down to read a book before bedtime. My daughter was fascinated by giraffes after we went on a safari trip in late 2012. This planted the seed for my picture book called How Andrew Got His Spots which is a rhyming adaptation of a story I originally wrote in the third grade. My daughter has since grown into a healthy two year old with a passion for aircraft which was the inspiration for writing Goodnight, Sleep tight, What a Wonderful Flight.

I am sure that there are many parents in the world (myself included), who are quite decidedly sick and tired of reading the same favourite picture book night after night. I believe that the words of Oscar Wilde best describe how children should feel about picture books when he said, If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.

Happy Reading!

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Go and check it out for yourself – keep reading, keep writing!

Stitch Says Book Review: Free Rein New Beginnings #horsebook

I’m back with a review for you today. This time it’s a horse book!

Free Rein New Beginnings is the first book in a series by Christine Meunier.

What’s the book all about???
New Beginnings

A job transfer for Jacqui King’s father means that the 10 year old and her family have moved interstate. Jacqui is excited that the move has allowed her family to take up a lease on a large property.

Since she could remember, Jacqui King has had a love for horses. Now with the family’s move she wonders if her dream to learn to horse ride could come true. Jacqui’s mum Kate plans to turn the property into a place where they can offer horse agistment, only concreting Jacqui’s desire to have a horse of her own.

On a property titled Genesis, it does indeed seem that the new beginnings for the King family are looking promising.

Sounds fun, here’s what Stitch thought!

A family of four make the big move from South Australia to country Victoria to live on a large property. To help make some money they begin to set up their paddocks to care of other people’s horses. Which suits 10 year old, horse crazy Jacquie perfectly. She also makes some new horse crazy friends. Their property is named Genesis and is a new beginning for them all.
This is the first in a series and young horse crazy girls will enjoy the wholesome read. At times it all seems a bit too easy and everything just falls into place. Then wouldn’t it nice if the real world was like that. Christine Meunier introduces some likable characters that I am sure will grow as the series progresses.
Stitch Says gives Free Rein New Beginnings 3 woofs.

So if you love horses go and check it out today. So many more books to come here on Stitch Says. Chewie is also chomping at the bit to do another blast or two. So keep reading, keep writing!

Stitch Says Author Interview: Christine Meunier #Aussieauthor

Stitch here today with Aussie Author Christine Meunier:

Christine writes about another four-legged creature – horses. I like horses, although sometimes their not too keen on me, but I’d never yap at them, unlike Mr Chewie!!! Any way let’s meet Christine

When did you decide to become an author and what impact has this had on your life?I love to write and retell stories of things that have occurred to me or friends whilst working with horses. Often I would tell these stories to my parents and my mother would indicate that I should be writing them down. Over a ten-year period I found myself doing that, concocting situations from a line I heard, or creating a scene from an event that had occurred.
I took more than ten years to turn these events and knowledge into a story about four women working in the horse industry. This is where my desire to be an author originated. Since the release of my debut novel Horse Country – A World of Horses, I continued writing. I had a desire to write a series that would reach out to young readers just discovering the joy of horses. This is where the Free Rein series comes in.
Writing at this stage is for pleasure and reaching others. I hope in the future it’ll also be a viable means of income.

Income from writing would be great, of course we all still write for the love of a story!

Tell us about your latest work and what motivated you to write it:
I’m currently working on the third book in the Free Rein series. The series is focused around three 11-year-old girls that are horse crazy and learning about life and caring for horses. It also has a Christian focus.
The first two books were released in 2013 and I am keen to continue the series, publishing 1-2 more each year to gain momentum with readers.

Series are an excellent way of keeping young readers hooked!

What are your future aspirations as an author?
I would love to become known for writing equine novels that are factual, informative and fun to read. I want to know that my readers are learning as they enjoy the books.

That’s a great idea.

Where do your ideas come from? What experiences or aspects of your life influence your writing?
A lot of the past 15 years lead to ideas for my novels. I gained my first horse at 13 years of age thanks to my parents, and from here have studied horses in high school and afterward and then generated a career with them. It is my past and ongoing experiences with horses – and the desires I have to make a future with them – that help to generate ideas for my novels.

Working with animals is a great way of generating story material.

What do you do to improve yourself as a writer?
Learning from past mistakes is important, if you notice issues in a story, work to make sure they don’t arise in the next one. Plus feedback from others – authors, readers, fans – helps to shape how things can be improved.
I’m always trying to improve my horse knowledge and hope that this comes across as authentic in the pieces I write.

Some excellent ways to keep improving!

What are the names of your books?
My debut novel about women working in the horse industry is Horse Country – A World of Horses. It is available via
The first two books in the Free Rein series are New Beginnings and In Pursuit of a Horse. I am currently working on Free Reign, the third book in the series. These are available via

Where can people contact you?
I am contactable via and have Facebook pages – and I also now have a twitter account @ChristineMeuni3. And of course, you can find me on Goodreads!

Did you publish with a traditional publishing house or did you go the indie route?
I went independently. My first novel is close to 500 pages in length and on account of my mother having independently published successfully, I sought her advice about how to do the same. I feared my writing was too long to gain interest from a traditional publisher, so sought out a way to do it myself.

Thanks for joining us here at Stitch Says. Stitch has read Free Rein New Beginnings and there will be a review shortly, so watch this space. Keep reading, keep writing!

Reading for Inspiration #lovetoread

One of the best ways to inspire writing is to actually read. By this I mean read what others in your area write. If you are like me and write kids novels then guess what read kid’s novels. Read a large variety. Different authors, genres, styles and themes. Read books published by the big publishing houses and read indie authors too. Read the lot!!!! Read out loud too, read to your kids, nieces, nephews or to your self. Reading out loud helps you to develop a rhythm. It is a great process to work out what stories flow well.


That’s one of the great things about being a writer – reading. I have the pleasure of reading to my girls every night. Now some of the books they bring home are terrible. Not many I will admit, but the occasional one is just bad. Still it is important to read. Someone obviously liked the book. It doesn’t matter if you don’t. One thing I will say is if you hate the book think why and get rid of it. There are too many awesome books out there to waste time on one you don’t like. However think why you don’t like it because that will also help you as a writer. Most importantly when reading for inspiration… have fun!!!!

Writer’s Reveal #justkeepgoing

This month’s topic has come from Melissa –


When life gives you lemons… how do you keep on writing?

That’s actually pretty interesting and sort of fits with my theme for the month of inspirations. When all the chips are down where do you go and what do you do? Well I write. That’s just how I get away from everything. It might be a blog or a new story or just a to do list. Writing is what I do when I am frustrated. Only on very rare occasions do I need to do anything else. Funnily enough when things are really down I clean… Which obviously doesn’t happen too much if you saw my house. Besides writing is much more productive any way.


This is why I write – you can do the impossible. No one cares if it couldn’t happen or didn’t happen. Especially when you write for kids. All they want is a good story and pictures and another story and now… Okay so they can be a demanding audience. That just means you need to write more.

So if life is getting you down escape any way you can….

To see more writer’s reveal posts check out:

Oh and instead of taking the lemons have fun!