A-Z blog about dogs: Letter P #dogs

Wow I’m getting through this quite comfortably. Obviously I’m not joking that these dogs have taught my girls the alphabet. They’ve taught them a lot more too!

On to Letter P. P is for Piper (both black and yellow):


It is also for Purdy – who has worked as a search and rescue dog. She loves life. Last but not least it was for Plug. Who was one of the biggest Labradors I’ve ever met. He was a gentle soul though. We miss that big boof head!

As for dog training we can teach them to pull and push. Which means our dogs can pull a rope to open a door or push a door open. Just remember do not put the tug rope on the fridge door! Until next time – have fun!

A-Z Blog about dogs: Letter O #lovedogs

Letter O is of course for my special boy Obi!!!!!

S/W Ver: 96.66.76A

Obi is one smart cookie, he knows when to be a clown (most of the time), when to work properly (give him to a kid), when to just come and sit and when to bring you his lead. He understands every word said to him. He’s a special boy. It’s nice that I have him published in one book: Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist. I am working on the sequel (Obi the Super Puppy and the Quest for the Last Laugh). There will be many more stories. He has provided me with plenty of material over the last ten and half years. I would not be doing what I do if it wasn’t for Obi!!!

O is also for one of our fallen dogs – Oscar. We remember all our dogs!

As for commands it is for Over (small hurdles), out (not something labs like to hear) and for Obi’s favourite thing ever an obstacle course. Always makes him do that dopey grin! I will blog more about Obi, but another day. Until next time – have fun!

A-Z blog about dogs: Letter N #lovedogs

Letter N is for Nelson. He’s a big boof head who is very strong and determined. Nelson also has a soft side – pictured here with River.

Nelson and River

N is for one of the dog’s least favourite commands – No!!! It is also for nod – you can get your dog to nod and answer questions like, “Are you hungry?”

Until next time – have fun!

A-Z Blog about dogs: Letter M #lovedogs

Letter M is for Matilda – our supermodel girl. She’s small and sweet.


M is for my big black boy – well he thinks he’s mine. It’s Mack, who is a big boy who loves to sit on your lap.

labs n life @  volleyball 253

M is for Macy, who joined the crew last year and loves every minute.


Last, but not least M is for Mick – He’s a big boof head from America. We also call him Mickey Mouse and guess what? He’s Stitch’s dad… Need I say more. Mick is beautiful, loves cuddles, no matter how high he has to jump for them!


In dog training terms we can teach our dogs to meet people gently. We can also teach them to go to their mat and of course to move! Until next time – have fun!

A-Z blog about dogs: Letter L #lovedogs

S/W Ver: 96.66.76A

Letter L is for Lia. She’s a princess, who loves life. Lia is Stitch’s older sister, she’s currently pregnant with her second litter. She is a perfect mum, who has beautiful puppies.

L is also for Laird. Our resident farm boy. He works the country programs, just don’t ask him to follow a scent.

In dog training terms there is one of our dog’s favourite commands. Leave it! Why is this a favourite? Because it is usually followed by take it!!!!!
There is also the command of Lap. Which means our lapradors get a big cuddle. Just ask one of our M dogs. Until then – have fun!

A-Z blog about dogs: Letter K #lovedogs

Letter K is for Kia – a not so lttle pup, but still very sweet.

It is also fo Kit – who is a crazy old chocolate girl. She is the mother of Flirt, Scorcha and Diego. The chocolate mob are full of energy, life and big barks.

As for dog training – not too many commands starting with K, but we can teach them to go to their kennel.

Until next time – have fun!

A-Z blog about dogs: Letter J #lovedogs


Funnily enough J is a difficult letter for our dog names. It was also a few pages I removed from our baby name books when my kids were born. Teachers will understand that, all in good fun. Any way we do have a few J dogs. There’s Jack and one of my all time favourite names: Jelly bean!

Technically I can also add Flirt to this list. Her show name is Justanoldfashionedgirl – don’t ask how Flirt came from that, but it suits her.

As for commands within reason we can teach our dogs to jump. Now with these big dogs you don’t want then jumping too much as it can damage joints. Also they get heavy quickly and having a 40Kg dog jump on you is not that much fun.

Until next time – have fun!

A-Z Blog about dogs: Letter I #lovedogs

Letter I is for Indiana Jones – who is no longer with us, but will always be in our hearts. He was an amazing dog, lots of fun and very smart. Indy taught Obi how to dig for clues, follow a scent and a few other crazy things. We will always love Indy.

It is also for Indigo – our Labs ‘n Life brood girl.
Indigo 1
She’s Cobalt, Rory and Amy’s mum.

I is also for Ivee (another brood girl – puppies later in the year), Ice and her mother Indus.
I could fill a whole blog about Indus. She’s nine and a half now and loves to put all the boys in their place. For some reason she loves Stitch and lets him play tag with her. It’s very cute. She also loves her food. She even leaves out the boxes after finishing so you know what to buy her next time!!!!

As for training commands, well there isn’t too many with I. However they love to be told – that’s IT! Until next time – have fun!

A-Z blog about dogs: Letter H #lovedogs

Going strong with my alphabet of Labradors! H is for Harmony – who is beautiful, but very active. One may even say just a little bit crazy!!!!
Harmony 1
It is also for Hullabaloo – who is now a big 10-year-old boy, but he still loves to run and play.

Other H dogs are Hubble and Honey. We can teach our dogs to heel, hold, help and hurry!

until next time – have fun!