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Challenges #amwriting #plans

The challenge has been set.. My ten year old has spent her free time at school (what is that???) to find the perfect cake for her sister! This is what she has come up with:

She seriously overestimates my cake making skills. However the challenge has been set and I am contemplating accepting. They haven’t beaten be yet so I guess I need to work out a way of making this happen. Don’t worry the mind is already ticking over. It certainly won’t be completely edible. That’s fair because we don’t need to eat that much cake. I will work it out somehow. At least I have a few months to work it out.

Have fun!

Happy Birthday #firstdayofspring

Okay so I am a day late, but for a good reason. My little one turned 8 yesterday. She’s a first day of spring baby and we love celebrating her birthday. One of the things I do every year for both my girls is make a cake. It’s my thing, so many people tell me I should just buy them. I can’t, I promised when I had children that they would always get a cake on their birthdays and I have stuck to it. Sometimes their choices have made life difficult, but they haven’t beaten me yet. I must admit my younger daughter generally asks for easier things than her older sister. Funnily enough they sound easier, but are often harder to actually make. I am not a cake maker, that is for sure. Anyway this year she ordered a minion cake…

2016-08-31 20.22.39

What do you think?

It was easier that I thought, okay I didn’t make the minions, but still it was fun. The important thing is she loved it.

Happy Birthday Smudgie, love you always!

Have fun!

Learning to be organised #needtostayfocused #somuchtodo

Many people would say I must be organised because I do so much. I guess in my own chaotic way I am, but I often feel completely disorganised. Let’s just look at my average weekly events.

1. I work full time – as a teacher, so I have lots to do each week. Of course at the moment I also teach three subjects (PE, Drama and Japanese)…. yep lots of things to do there.
2. I have two girls – who play three sports, musical instruments, have homework and love to be active.
3. I have two Labradors – who need to be walked, played with and have their heads scratched.


4. I go to the gym – at least three times a week, swim once and play volleyball
5. Review books and provide interviews for other authors (see my Stitch Says Blogs)
6. Attempt to write books – also edit, illustrate and of course blog.
7. Read
8. Relax, unwind

I guess to do all of that in a week I do need to be organised. The problem is I often come up with other projects. In fact I am frequently coming up with other projects. Things like making Christmas presents, posters for my girls, designing scrapbooks and this year planning a holiday.

Basically I have a never ending list of things I need and want to do. It’s keeps me busy and yes, I generally get everything done, but I wish I was more organised.

This year we are going on the holiday of our dreams. Something I have been planning for so long and it is finally time. The kids are old enough and we are going to have a blast. So I have learnt new levels of organisation. I promise when I get back from out holiday I will devote some blogs to the things I have learnt, and of course what worked and what didn’t (hopefully not too much).

For now I need to get back to the list….
Have fun!

A Different Challenge #beingmum

We have a tradition at our house… everyone gets a birthday cake that has to be made at home! It’s something I started with my kids because although life is busy I think it is important to take the time and do something on our birthdays. A cake means so much more. It represents what they like during that stage of their life and how much effort I am always willing to put in for a birthday.

The girls love choosing their cakes – thanks to pinterest they get lots to choose from. I have made some interesting cakes over the years. From Mickey Mouse, to the crocodile from Peter Pan, to the little mermaid and Stitch (Lilo and Stitch).

It’s turned into a bit of a game. Which is fun to test my creativity – I am not a cake decorator! One of my favourite was Snow White and the seven smurfs on a pirate ship!

pirate cake

This is what happens when you have creative kids…

The pink dolphin was fun!

dolphin cake

This year for Miss 9 it was Star Wars challenge…

star wars cake

I am never going to make a living from decorating cakes – but every year I make my kids feel special and they have something to remember, which makes it all worth while!

Now I need to get back to my writing – have fun!

Smudgie it’s our birthday… #happybirthday

My little one turns seven today…. That’s pretty exciting. She is certainly a character and she ordered a Sven cake,

reindeer web

Well I did my best. The great thing about my little Smudge is she loves it simply because I made it. I love the parents who say they don’t have time to make a cake. Well I agree, I certainly don’t have time, but I made a promise when I had my kids that I would make them a cake each year. I have stuck to it and most have turned out okay. There have been some challenges, but its all part of the fun.

September the first is also the first day of spring; bring on the warmer weather and longer days. I might even get some writing done!!! Lots of exciting news this month for sure, have fun!

Multitasking #gettingthingsdone

How many things can you do at once???

2015-04-25 07.24.28

I feel like I am trying to do too much at once. I know I should just do one thing and get it done, but I have so much I want to do. I had to laugh on the weekend my big kid was doing her homework… One question on this page, another on the next, the middle thing here, the last thing first. There was no pattern, but it made sense to her. Certainly it didn’t result in her finishing it any quicker, may have made it a bit more entertaining. It made me think, this is what I have been doing lately. I really haven’t had much time to get things done, so I have done a bit here and a bit there…

Have I achieved anything? Lots of little things, but with each thing I do the list seems to grow. Ahh I know I need more lists. That has to be the solution. No, okay maybe I need to do more things at the same time or in my sleep.

I am pretty good at multitasking, but I need to get better at it. Any clues as to how I can get more done, with less time mind you???

Anyway I had better get back to the webinar I am doing for professional development, my athletics squad list, my reviews, editing, illustrating, writing, marketing…… Ahh least I have a busy life – have fun!

Happy Mother’s Day #lovemygirls

We just had mother’s day and my to little snappers celebrated by helping to sell my newest book. They love telling everyone that mum writes books. They have proudly taken all my books to school for their teacher’s to read. It’s a great thing to share with each other. However this blog was about Mother’s day. This is not a day I spend a lot of time thinking about. Sure I love spending time with my girls, but I don’t need a special day for that, they give me the best presents just by smiling! They did buy me something pretty cool though…

2015-05-10 21.06.35 web

Yep what mother’s day would be complete without a talking Ohhh???

Now if only I could get a day or two off to do some writing they would have more books to share. Still I have to work and life constantly gets in the way. I need to write in my sleep.

What’s the best present your kids have ever given you?

Have fun!

Happy Birthday to my Superhero #turningeight

One of my very own super heroes turns eight today!

Lightning Lilly

She is the inspiration behind much of my writing, but especially the character Lightning Lilly. Everything about her can be found in this character. She’s headstrong, super fast and loves animals. Just like Lightning Lilly my big kid has a heart of gold and will do anything to protect her sister and her pets (Obi, Stitch and Chewie).

It’s an amazing thing to watch a little person grow up and I love every second of it. I am so proud that my big girl still has an incredible passion for life, sometimes she can take things a bit far and be abrupt. However that’s just because she wants to get the full life experience out of every moment.

Tomorrow she gets to add to her adventure list and meet a lemur – her choice as a present! That should be pretty exciting and yes I’m sure a Lighting Lilly adventure will begin to develop.

There have been so many adventures and many more to come. I look forward to every one of them. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUNCHKIN – we all love you!

More exciting news soon – and some awesome zoo photos! Have fun!!!

Nightmare Before Christmas #partytime

We missed our Halloween party this year, so decided to do it in combination with an early Christmas party… The result a Nightmare Before Christmas party!

the girls loved the idea and came up with some great ideas for cakes. Somehow I managed to pull off a scary Christmas tree and Mummy cupcakes to go around the bottom.




When else can you dress up in your Christmas best by wearing half of your Halloween costume and half Christmas colours??? They even drew on the pavement and we decorated the house. Again with had pumpkins, bats, elves and reindeer all together. It was lots of fun!

Speaking of which – have fun!

Making a List #checkingittwice

Just wondering is anyone else here guilty of making lists…. I do it all the time. Mainly lists of things I need to do, but at this time of year the lists get longer and longer. For those of you who do this it’s probably one of the greatest ways to waste time. However I still do it, why??? I guess because I am so busy and have so many things to do that this is the only way I feel like getting anything done. There is nothing more satisfying than crossing a completed task off the list. I even have an app on my phone so I can do this when I am out.


So do you make a list?
Do you check it twice?
How long is your list?
Go on, would love to know I am not completely insane – have fun!