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Tales 2 Inspire – My Special Boy #obithesuperpuppy #lovemydog

As you know I was asked to write a story about Obi for the Tales 2 Inspire Anthology. This was the hardest piece I have ever written, but also one of the most rewarding!


This was an amazing journey and something that has inspired me to keep writing! Here is what Lois W Stern has to say about my piece:

Ashley Howland lovingly portrays Obi, her intuitive golden Lab, so smart and loving that you just wish your could reach out and hug him. Obi influenced the lives of all whose lived he touched through his work and play both at school, in Ashley’s home and in a Labs ‘n Life program in Australia. Obi also touched many hearts, and once you read this story, it is bound to touch yours as well.
My Special Boy, Obi, a 2014 Tales2Inspire winner, is now published in
Tales2Inspire ~ The Sapphire Collection
Stories that Echo In The Mind

S/W Ver: 96.66.76A

You can find out more about Tales 2 Inspire at:

So there you have it – a chance to write your inspiring tale and read lots of others. Have fun!

The First Christmas #merrychristmas

I love Christmas – everything about it. The stories, the songs, the tree, the whole magic of the day. I have loved having the girls because I get to make Christmas magic the way I always wanted it. I have been through my family traditions before so won’t do that again. Needless to say the beer (not opened – no drunk Santa’s driving), the homemade choc chip cookies, the carrots and the water are ready. As is the magic key… we are all set for that all important sleigh landing!

So I thought I would share some very important first Christmas photos. The first is our special boy – Obi. This will be the first for a long time without him. We miss our boy, but he still brings joy to us with our memories and of course all those wonderful stories he left us with. His first Christmas was in 2002!


Then came my Little Man Stitch (2010). He is not a brave dog, but he has a heart of gold and a never-ending energy tank. Super Stitch will run all day and as such is in my superhero stories and of course is never far from his girls!


Now we get to the little fella – Chewbacca (Chewie). He has so far shown us to be calmly confident and he loves the girls. He also loves Stitch. It is going to be lots of fun learning what his role in our lives and my stories will be. However for now e is just plain cute!


I hope everyone has a magical Christmas – keep believing and always have fun!

Waggly Bums #labs #puppies

I was going to blog about my books because I received a box of them today. I was very excited, but then I got these beautiful photos. I had to share.

Bone after dinner treat

Nothing like puppy bums to make your day!

Dinner time

Mr Chewbacca is one of the darker yellow ones. They are all so cute!

In the kennels-1

Not on the count down just yet, but it isn’t long until we bring home Stitch’s new playmate… Looking forward to introducing them. Until next time – have fun!

Wild Weather #makeupyourmind

The forecast today was hot with a late chance of thunderstorm. Not sure that 11am is late, but we did have the thunderstorm. Who doesn’t love a good summer storm. When you are lying in bed with a good book they can be fantastic. However when you are out with the dogs and kids at work that’s another thing. Thunder I can do, but lightning… no!!!! We quickly packed up and headed to cover. Of course the big boys I had today – Stitch, Tug and Buddy weren’t fussed one little bit. Our sweet girl Matilda wasn’t too keen on the banging and rumbling of thunder. She got lots of cuddles.

Here’s how we passed the time until we could go out side again:



We finished the session with a steamy, warm afternoon. Now it’s raining again. Don’t get me wrong would much rather have the rain than the drought we had a few summers ago, just prefer it at night. Which now means I am off to read all those wonderful books I need to review for the Stitch Says blog. Until next time – have fun!

Stitchie loves the beach #labslife

My boy knows how to live life. Nothing phases him. He just goes with the flow and enjoys every minute. This morning he was very happy to see his brother Tug. They played like lunatics on the lawn. Then of course they had to get into the car for work. We went past the place we normally work at. Stitch actually grumbled at me, as if I had taken the wrong turn. Well excuse me Mr Stitch, but as the driver of the car I actually know where we are going!

Of course he was pretty happy once we got there. Today we worked at the beach. Stitch’s favourite place in the world. As a normally well-behaved obedient dog he is completely different once there is sand and surf!

2013-11-28 09.12.00-1

He’s still well-behaved, but his enthusiasm for life comes out big time! He bounces, barks, runs, swims and generally enjoys playing in the sand. Just as any self-respecting Labrador should!

Stitch’s brother Tug (AKA Tugboat) also had a great time!

2013-11-28 09.14.10

Clearly the boys enjoyed themselves because they are currently snoring up a storm. Until next time – have fun!

New Addition #labrador #puppy

Okay I know I blog about the dogs a lot, but you know you love it. They are a big part of our lives and my writing. I have missed my sweet boy Obi as has my Little Man Stitch.
Lnl_Yellow (234)
They were quite a pair. Anyway it is time to make this family whole again. Tonight we went and met our new Little Guy. He will bring a whole new dimension to our lives and plenty of writing material. I would like to introduce you to Chewbacca (Chewie).
I look forward to seeing what he will bring to our lives.
Stitch had a good sniff of me when I got home, then he lay down on Chewie’s new blanket and went to sleep. Hopefully that means they will be friends from the start. Whatever happens it won’t take long.
Chewie will be joining Stitch over on my Stitch Says blog – think I’ll add a Chewie’s news section or something. It’s going to be a lot of fun. We have four weeks until he comes home, that will go fast! I am looking forward to having him home. Until next time – have fun!

Writer’s Reveal: Dog of a Day #writersreveal


My Writers Reveal prompt for this month comes from J.C Wolfe, here it is:
“If my dog could talk for a day…”
What do you mean if??? Stitch can talk; it’s getting him to stop that is the problem.

I have taken this a bit differently. This is an account I wrote when Stitch first appeared on the scene. as we get closer to Christmas and our new puppy comes home I would like to remind Stitch of what he did to Obi!

Lnl_Yellow (217)

It is a day according to Obi:

Early morning: Wake up to blurry yellow thing bouncing in my face. Attempt to ignore Puppy by nesting further into beanbag. Feel ear being chewed. Decide to wake Humans to deal with Puppy. Thrown outside with Puppy. Wait patiently at door for small human, who I have trained to let me back in.
Morning: Small human opens door, lets Puppy in too. Wake up Humans by jumping on them and licking face. Get thrown outside, with breakfast and Puppy. Marginal improvement.
Mid Morning: Subtly instruct Human to take me for a walk by throwing collar at them. Works. No puppy, dawdle through shade, enjoying not having ears pulled. Find perfect blade of grass. Watch Human clean up. Find second perfect blade of grass, watch Human clean up again.
Return home, find box to sleep while Puppy taken around the block. Saviour the peace, snooze.
Mid day: Puppy has woken up. Watch Puppy dig hole to bury newest toy. Sit with paw near hole to point it out to humans. Hide in box to watch Puppy being told off. Puppy hides in box. Get out to show Humans where he is hiding.
Lunch: Watch Puppy devour bowl of food. Enjoy chewing on a biscuit. Attempt to sleep as Puppy continues to lick empty bowl. Try to explain bowl does not produce food. Puppy keeps trying. Bury head under blanket to avoid noise.
Afternoon: Feel energetic. Find Puppy’s newest toy. Run away with it. Turn Puppy inside out as he tries to get toy. Play tug-o-war. Stand still while Puppy pulls himself off his feet. Let him win a round. Decide to end game. Flick head, rip toy from Puppy. Hide toy. Sleep.
Late afternoon: Wake up to find Puppy still using me as a pillow. Move away from Puppy, start asking for dinner. Human finally gets hint. Sit and wait to eat. Watch Puppy trying to get at bowl. Eat when told. Get cuddle from Human as Puppy continues to lick empty bowl.
Evening: Let inside for evening snooze. Curl up on Toddler couch. Puppy using me as pillow again. Snort, move to other couch. Puppy follows. Play musical beds til Puppy finally goes to sleep. Attempt to sleep as Puppy has rather loud dream. Move to another room when Puppy starts barking in sleep.
Night: Taken outside by Human before long sleep. Sniff the plants. Find perfect blade of grass. Trot back to house. Curl up on dog bed with Puppy. Snooze as Puppy finally goes to sleep. Carefully remove self from under puppy. Quietly nest in bean bag. Sleep.

Lnl_Yellow (232)

I must say Obi had a way with words – I miss that boy. We are getting a new puppy soon for Stitch I wonder if his day will be different? Only time will tell! Whatever happens it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Lnl_Yellow (234)

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Until next time – have fun!

Puppy Clucky #labs #puppy

Stitch may have stolen my blog yesterday, but we have a surprise for him. One of these cute little guys will be coming home before Christmas!


It was a big surprise that I apparently ruined, but in my defence how can I ruin something I didn’t know about. Anyway there it is my next character. All cute and sweet, wonder what stories he will bring??? Until next time – have fun!

Stitch Reporting #labslife


Stitch here, I hijacked Mum’s blog tonight to report on my weekend. It’s time I spoke up. I mean I do everything around here. I even help Mum sell her books. Yes that’s me at her book launch and in her author photo.

My next character - Stitch!
My next character – Stitch!

Yep that is me and she uses me because I’m cute. Not complaining, it means I get to go everywhere and meet all these cool kids. Still I work really hard. Anyway that’s not why I have stolen the blog. I stole it because this is how I get repaid. Friday night my bed was moved. Taken from my comfy spot with the best view of the TV and put in another room. No TV in there. then to make matters worse a tree was put in its place. Then They got up at a ridiculous hour Saturday morning and made me eat breakfast. then they left me all by myself for most of the day. When they returned did I get to go for a walk??? NO! They decorated the tree. This also included the girls wearing silly hats and singing a lot. Finally they put this really noisy train around the tree and let it run and run and run. I’m telling you there needs to be lots of Stitch gifts under this tree!


It didn’t end there though. We all had to wear sully hats, yes me included and get our annual Xmas photo taken. No I didn’t smile, I learnt that from Obi. Still I did look pretty, well I always look pretty!

To make matters worse there is talk of a puppy! Not sure what that’s all about!


I guess Mum tried to make up to me, I got to play at work today and lots of cuddles. Must mention my couch is still in prime position, right in front of the TV. So not all bad I guess. Also some mention of a holiday with Tug, that sounds like fun. Speaking of which I believe Mum finishes this with the words – have fun!

Well that’s it from me – for now, so Woof oh and have fun!

It’s a Dog’s Life #labslife

I have come to the conclusion that Stitch really has a divine existence. He goes to work three days a week, gets walked on all the other days and then today he has his sister over for a playdate!


Funny how on the rare occasion when he is home by himself or doesn’t get out for a walk he gives you that look. The one that says “I’m bored, nobody loves me!” Seriously when I think about how other dogs live I know he has nothing to complain about!

Between organising his social life and running around after Munchkin and Smudgekin where is my life??? I guess that’s why I write. That way I can create my own life without actually having one??? anyway better get back to it, until next time – have fun!