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The best thing about reading is… #lovetoread

I grew up reading books everyday and I have been able to share that with my kids. So what does this do to you well…


Okay so it’s a bit lame. Still the point is clear. I grew up with amazing stories and turned out to be a creative, intelligent and caring adult (I hope, some is still a working process). My kids are also growing up with these stories and many more. They get to live in their own fantasy world and are taken on many adventures while still wrapped up in their quilts!

What books did you read as a kid? Have you shared them with your own kids?

Have fun!

There’s something special about a Fairy Tale #author #chaboocha1


In some aspects of life we really should never grow up. I still love to read children’s novels – that’s also why I write them. My girls also love to hear them. So I can’t wait to read the other stories in this amazing anthology!

This group has been a lot of fun. From the Chapter book challenge where I wrote the first draft of Obi the Super Puppy and the Quest for the Last Laugh. To joining in with an editing month. While I still have lots of work to do it’s great to have support from other authors. Now of course thanks to Becky we have joined together to write our fairy tales in this anthology. Two of my stories are in here and it looks fantastic! Well done to every one. So let’s face it everyone needs to have some type of fairy tale in their life!

To get your kindle copy go to:

There will be a print copy out soon, so I will keep you all updated. Until next time have fun!