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The Never Ending Story: Editing #amwriting #ChaBooCha


So my girls… They want my books done now! So do I, but I know there is a lot of work to do. Right now my editing list is bigger than the baskets of unfolded clothes. Here goes:
1. Y/A manuscript – over 50 000 words (written in 2012 NaNoWriMo) been working on it for a while and hope to submit it for professional editing during April.
2. Last years Chapter book Challenge story – about 12000 words, sequel to Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist. Again hoping to have it edited over Easter some time.
3. Five different anthology pieces – one pirate story, one mermaid story, two Halloween stories and one luck draw (all need to be submitted by the middle of the year!)
4. Books 1 and 2 from this year’s ChaBooCha – both should be about 7000 words, no deadline although as book two is a Christmas theme I would love it out by then, which means book 1 before that!

That may be it. Doesn’t look that long when you put it like that… Probably should spend less time looking at the list and more time editing. Still I need to finish ChaBooCha number three first. Then its editing challenge month for me!

What are your goals for April???? Have Fun!

Editing – Does it end? #amediting

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Now that you have rewritten or edited your story you should have a finished product that is almost ready to submit or publish. There is just one thing I would recommend before doing either of these things. Have it professionally edited. That doesn’t have to cost the earth, but it is worth it. If you go the traditional (or close to traditional) route for publishing then they will have their own editors. However just be aware that you may not get to choose them. Now while they may be excellent. I think knowing your editor will give you a better result. Talking from experience here. I didn’t know any better when I had my first two books published and went with their editor. The second one did a great job, so I was happy, but looking back I think there could have been a better job done on the first book. Does it detract from the quality of the story??? No really, just my satisfaction. Third time round I chose my editor prior to submitting and they accepted it straight away. So it was a much easier process. There are still reviews and print proofs to go through, but those jobs are made more pleasurable too. So get yourself an editor.


If you are self publishing – as will be my next adventure then I would say a professional edit is a must. There is nothing worse than a book with lots of errors – not saying yours would have. Still you want it to be as error free as possible. So go and do it. There is another reason for a professional edit. You will start to pick up on habits. This way you can actually improve your writing. It’s a long road to finishing, but well worth it in the end.

That wraps up our editing month. Except of course I haven’t finished either story I was editing… grrrr still got a long way to go. Anyway March is Chapter Book Challenge Month (ChaBooCha) so will put the editing aside a bit to concentrate on my chapter books. Hoping to get two first drafts done. Wish me luck… and have fun!

Back to the grindstone #amediting

I’m having issues with wordpress, which is making my blogs difficult. I have my tech guy (husband bless him) on to it so hopefully will be fixed.
Back to editing, so your amazing story has returned from someone else… They liked it, but there are some areas to improve. Well I would certainly hope so. Its not like you want it to be perfect. There’s always room for improvement. That doesn’t mean you have to take all their suggestions, but read and note because it will make you think about your writing. The whole process is to have the best story possible, but also to make you the best writer you can be.


Learn from every step, especially if you have a writing buddy. They are there to mentor you, use them. Once you have taken those suggestions it is time to put tgem into action. Get back in there and either add, delete or even rewrite your story. Oh and as always have fun!

The next step #amediting


No we’re not even close to this step… Miles to go. So you’ve read it aloud to some kids who have picked holes in your plot. Go back and fix them. Then read again (aloud or to yourself). Once this is done it’s time to get some professional help. Now that doesn’t mean paying a fortune. I just think getting someone to assess or edit your story can be of great assistance. You can join a writing group (online or in person) or pay someone. Certainly at some stage I will pay for a professional edit. This is essential because there is nothing worse than finding some glaring error like a he instead of a she when reading a really great book. Your book is going to be great, so give it the best chance.

When you get other people to read your book remember their opinion is exactly that… Listen, take heed and change what you need to change to make your book perfect. If you don’t agree don’t change it. I like to have a conversation with myself (yes I’m nuts), but put yourself in the reader’s position. Me critical and reflect on how your story can be perfect.

Some advice when choosing someone to edit or assess your stories:
1. Best not to choose family members. They are either too polite or unnecessarily harsh – either way there are arguments. Leave them until the book is published. They buy it and will love it because you wrote it!
2. Find someone who you trust to be honest. I have had my books assessed and edited by Sally Odgers. This is great because I read her books all the time. My kids love them, so I know her writing style. She’s also affordable and is an excellent editor. So find someone you can trust.
3. If all else fails and you can’t send your book off that’s fine, maybe you’re not ready. Do a writing course, join a group, get to know other authors.
4. Most importantly believe in yourself!

You are one step closer to submitting that book – awesome, have fun!

Loud and Proud #amediting


This is Stitch and Chewie’s favourite part of the whole writing process (next to making the material of course!). Yep it’s time to read that story out loud. Now my dogs love to come down for story time and they are wonderful, but they don’t fix holes in the plot. Stitch groans – not sure if that’s because it’s bad or because Chewie is usually lying on him… So I have two other willing recruits for this part of the editing process. My girls. No one can pick a hole in you plot like six and five year olds. I read them the story and they tell me what they think. This works two ways.


The first is when you read a loud you tend to read what is actually written. Well more closely that when you read in your head. Often reading to yourself is a case of what your brain tells you it says, not what it actually says. So reading out loud is important. Plus if you write children’s books you want parents or teachers to read your stories out loud. The need to flow nicely.

Second: I write for kids, so if my kids don’t get it then I’m not on the right track. It helps that my girls are book worms and have always had a love for story time. They are never backward at telling me when something doesn’t work.

The down side… well it’s not really a downside, just an interesting note. Since I have been reading my manuscripts out loud to the girls I have generated many more writing ideas. How so… well they come up with great suggestions. They even use my characters in their own creative play. At the moment they are sharing an imaginary friend. A fairy named Fidget…. Who I created… Needless to say Fidget now has a whole host of stories I need to write.

The only other issue is my girls don’t quite understand how long it takes to publish a book. So after I read it to them they want to take the finished product to school to share… I’m not that quick, sorry girls!

I recommend reading out loud. Either to yourself or someone else.. give it a try oh and as always have fun!

Editing – Where do I start??? #amediting


The same could be said about editing, but you just have to get in there and do it. I set myself daily goals – four chapters, or something like that. It really depends on the size of the story. However that actually comes later. The very first part of editing is to read your story – straight through. I print a copy (you may be able to read from the computer, but that is too hard for me). I do this with a pencil in hand. It’s not about going through every word here. To me this first read through is just to see if I have a story or a mess. Usually it’s an opportunity to note things that haven’t worked and to pick up glaring typing errors. I don’t spend too much time on each page – just quick notes where they are required.

I don’t know if that works for every one, but have a go. Do a first run through and see what you have.

Have to laugh the first time I did this to a completed manuscript was Ghostnapped. I remember reading it and saying to my Husband “I like my story!” I can laugh now, because it seems silly, but that was a big step for me. It meant I was ready to move on as a writer.

Recently I re read one the manuscripts I am editing and my gut reaction was “wow that was like a real story!” Which is stupid considering I now have three published books and a handful of stories in anthologies, but it is still surreal to me. In some ways I think that helps me as a writer. Certainly it pushes me to keep improving. Must get back to the editing (three chapters to go today!!!!) until next time – have fun!

Now for the hard part #amediting

The first draft is done… you can lie back in the shade and relax…
Well for a while anyway. Now you need to begin the hard part, EDITING!!! It is also one of the most important parts. This month I will explore the editing process.

There are a lot of authors out there who are probably much better at this than me. Editing is like everything else. It’s a learning process. I am still learning, but am definitely getting better. I am a firm believer in professional editing, but you need to do a lot of work (some more than others) before you get there. This month it won’t be a how to guide, just a look at what I have discovered and learnt as I have progressed as an author!

Watch this space for lots of interesting ideas, that may help you in your editing process and as always – have fun!

Planning your story #amwriting

We have our characters, our setting. Now we need….. a plot! Well it is kind of important. Sometimes it all just comes together and you write. Just sit with the computer and clack away with complete certainty your work will flow. That’s fantastic. Other times you get distracted by the weirdest things:


Yep that is often me. What do I do then? I start a plot sketch. That’s what I call it. Sometimes its a few words for each chapter, a basic plan to follow. Sometimes it’s just a list of ideas. Sometimes I do research and jot down a plan from there.

Planning is not always important, but I find plans come in handy later. When you have a draft half written it’s good to look back and see where you though the story would go. It may have changed and the old plan may add to the story. So I recommend watching the dog less ( there I said it…) and getting a notebook! Do some planning, have some fun and see where it takes you. Until next time – have fun!

Ticking the Boxes #amwriting #amediting

I had some pretty big goals at the beginning of the year. They actually got bigger as the year went on, but I have managed to achieve a few. Which is great considering how amazing I am at the art of procrastination….


I try to stay focused, but usually I get distracted by new ideas. It is amazing that editing one piece can simply lead to new ideas. Anyway this year I have managed to get The Homework Goblin published, hold a book launch, have stories in four different anthologies, keep up with my interviews and reviews on the Stitch Says blog and finally edit two manuscripts. I have also completed one more first draft and am hopeful to do an edit before the year ends. During this time I have also come up with an idea for another series and the extension of my Obi the Super Puppy series. Not bad for a year, especially considering writing is my hobby. So I guess I haven’t wasted too much time doing this…


That may change in 2014 as we get Chewie and puppies are the biggest time wasters ever. Still they also provide lots of material. I am going to have so much writing fun next year. However this year is not over yet. I still have time to achieve a few more goals. Plus I need to set myself up for next year. I am looking forward to getting organised, there are so many things I want to achieve. This year added more than I could have imagined so bring it all on! Can’t wait. So how are you all going with your goals – getting there, achieved some, done the lot??? Would love to hear – until next time, have fun!

Getting Back on Track #author


Right so after all the excitement of Christmas pageants, puppies and of course Mr Stitch stealing my blog it’s time to get back on track. I only have a few weeks before we go away. There is no way things will get done once we get back, not now with the new puppy coming just before Christmas. Which of course means I need to get moving.

Writing wise I have two manuscripts that I have edited. Just need to type up the changes and re read! Hoping to submit them for editing in January. That means releasing early next year! Very exciting. I also have another that I have read to the kids, but it needs a lot of work. Hoping to have that reading for editing by the time I start my next chapter book challenge in March. I already have a story brewing for that!!!

I have achieved a few things though. My keepsakes story is ready to be submitted later today and I have completed enough of the Not so Boring Books to keep the kids busy for a while. It’s amazing how ticking things off the list is rewarding, but leads to more to do. I have also got the kid’s books ready for printing. That will keep the Grandparents entertained. That and a few small items for Christmas shopping and I think I am done. Need to start wrapping it all up just to make sure.

I am also hoping to sell more of my books for Christmas, including the anthologies! So I need to amp up the marketing campaign. What did I say, never-ending story. Still it’s all fun and I get rewarded with a puppy!!!! Until next time – have fun!