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To Much Homework #getthisbook

The Perfect Excuse for not doing your Homework
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Homework Goblin new

Jason has completed his homework for the first time, only to have it stolen by the Homework Goblin. He jumps out his window and into an amazing chase. Will he get his homework back in time?

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Too Much Homework #thebestexcuse #readthisbook

The Perfect Excuse for not doing your Homework
Check out this one


Homework Goblin new

Jason has completed his homework for the first time, only to have it stolen by the Homework Goblin. He jumps out his window and into an amazing chase. Will he get his homework back in time?

Check out the perfect excuse here:

To grab a kindle copy and check out my other books go to my Amazon Author Page:

The Goofy Adventures #holidayfun #adventure

Goofy went to Melbourne


Now most of the time holidays are fun and full of excitement. I on the other hand get to experience lots of different fun. I generally get eaten by various animals…





Mmmmm yep, but I also get to go on some pretty cool rides…




But wait there’s more…




So that’s a quick look at my holiday, oh and I guess I should add one more:


I really had a great time and saw all the dangerous animals. What do you do on your holidays? Have fun

Cool Characters 4: Sidekicks #importantrole #characterdevelopment

Every great hero has their sidekick


The sidekick plays an important role. They are the conscience of the hero, the comic relief of the villain, the voice of reason, the coach or the character that keeps the hero on track. In short the sidekick can make the story come alive. They give the reader a whole new perspective on the story and the other characters.

Some of my favourite sidekicks are:
Tinkerbell – she’s feisty and fun
Tug in the Ranger’s Apprentice – yes he’s a horse, but his point of review is essential to the humour of these books.
Timmy from the famous five

Famous five

He’s often the hero of the story and he was the character that brought the children together.

I also love Tug and Timmy because they are animals. Animals make great sidekicks because they have a completely different view on the world. In my sequel to Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist I introduce Obi’s sidekicks….


It’s the Big Rig – RIGGER and of course little Stitch. They add a whole new dimension to Obi and his desire to save the world.

Who is your favourite sidekick???

Love to hear, have fun!

Cool Characters Part 3 #animalbooks

As promised here are some of my favourite animal characters:

First up is the Cranky Bear:

Bear aloud

He’s cranky, brave, hungry and very cute.

Okay so maybe some characters with a bit more depth. There’s always Marley

He’s loyal, creative and curious. All good things and pretty normal for a Labrador.

One of my favourite animal characters is Tug the horse from The Ranger’s Apprentice series:


Now I love this series anyway, but what sets it a part from others is this shaggy little horse. He has a big appetite for carrots, is round in the belly, short, but also super fast. Tug has a heart of gold and a great sense of humour. He also reminds me of Stitch’s brother – Tug. Not just in name. When I read the first description of the horse I couldn’t stop laughing and had to go back and read it again. It was just how I would like to describe Tug the dog!

Speaking of dogs I asked my kids who their favourite animal character was and they both said Obi…
He was our dog and the star of my second book. I am working on book number two. My girls told me any blog about animal characters had to finish with their boy, so here he is…


Captain Obi

ObiTheSupperPuppy web

Do you have a favourite animal character? Have Fun!

Cool Characters Part 2 #detectives

Today’s post is all about the detective characters my girls love:

My big kid loves EJ12… She’s smart, has super cool spy equipment and gets to go on great adventures


Actually these books are really fantastic. I would have loved them as a kid, I enjoy listening to my kids read them. The EJ12 series is definitely a great read for girls.

My little one also loves EJ10


These stories are simple, easy to read and actually have a good story line. Which is great after listening to all those readers.

Some character traits of EJ:
CURIOSITY: EJ is a secret agent, she has to find out what is going on and crack codes. As a code breaker she has a natural curiosity and willingness to look for answers.

She is also Brave, Optimistic and Honest. EJ is a spy in training, so she’s always trying to get better at her craft. Lots of stealthy lessons here, all hidden in fantastic storylines!

Other detectives my girls love include, Billie B and the Secret Mystery Club, The Famous Five and the Secret Seven.

Famous five

They especially love Timmy the dog, which brings me to part 3 – animal characters! Have Fun!

Cool Characters part 1 #kidsbooks

Okay so this month I am looking at characters. I thought I’d start with one of my favourites…

2014-09-20 20.27.12

I think Emma Watson is also a pretty amazing actress. She certainly got this right.

As the mother of two strong-willed girls I think characters like Hermione are important. She definitely shows that it is hard to be who you really are, but worth sticking true to yourself. Let’s face it Hermione is smart, brave, confident (she doubts herself, as anyone does, but gets past it). She has traits you would love to see your own children develop. I think the best character traits of Hermione are:

GRIT: She’s tough and never gives up. If she doesn’t know it she will go and find out. If someone says you can’t do it, she will find a way. Definitely a gritty character.

CURIOSITY: I love this trait in characters because they get into so many great situations. Hermione loves to learn and is naturally curious about the world. She always wants to know more.

TEAMWORK and LEADERSHIP: She is a natural leader, confident, able to organise things and willing to put herself out there. Hermione is also loyal to her friends and willing to go extra yards to protect family.

And finally

ZEST: Hermione is enthusiastic about life. She has energy and wants to be involved in things. If there is a project or adventure on offer she will tackle it with all her might.

That’s just my view and it’s really a basic one. However when my girls are old enough to read Harry Potter I hope they find these traits in Hermione.

Which characters do you admire??? Have fun!

Getting back into the Swing of Things #timetogetmotivated

My print proof is on the way – pretty excited about that. The Chapter Book Challenge is finished, but I still have some writing to do. Now it is time for me to get back into the swing of things.


Yep that’s my plan for the month. I think I will include blogging too. This month I am going to look at characters and see where that takes me. Until next time – have fun!

Happy Halloween #spookyfun

We don’t really do Halloween here in Aus, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun.



Stud Muffin Stitch

Stitch loves dressing up – NOT. Okay the kids love dressing him up. Obi used to get in on the action too:


He hated it.

Still you have to do these things. No one has got a costume on Chewie yet – he keeps eating them. Stitch thinks Chewie is probably the smart dog, but he is the nice dog!


Anyway read some spooky stories, eat some lollies and most importantly – have fun!

The other side of the story #differentpointofview

One thing I love to do when I am planning a story is look at from the other side. For example I might write a few notes about how the villain would view the hero. This might not be used in the story. It does however influence how I write that character. It can also change the view of the hero.

Telling everyone’s story is important. I guess one day I may end up writing an anthology from the villain’s point of view. This is actually a very cool idea… great now I have another project.

Anyway I am writing some villain notes at the moment. These villains are in a kid’s book, so they are villains, but they’re not that bad. I don’t want kids not being able to sleep. I have one villain in mind that is a bit more. He will be a part of my longer story for older children. I am having fun planning from his point of view at the moment. He has a very unique view of the world.

Taking this approach teaches me so much more about my characters. It means I get more story ideas, plots and even new characters. Give it a go… Have fun!