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Blogging about blogging #itsablog #getwriting

I have to say the single best way to market your books is to write. Write more books, write interviews, write reviews, write, write and write. Which to me means blogging. I never thought I would say that. Three years ago I didn’t even know what a blog was. Now I blog every week, crazy… still it’s great for so many reasons. You can just write, not worry about editing, participate in challenges and make new connections. It is an awesome avenue to learn and develop your craft. However it is also about building your connections. My blogs have been great for all those reasons. However there is another interesting side line to this. The Stitch Says blog that I started (now complete with Chewie’s News) has increased my profile dramatically.

Through participating with other authors and interviewing, reviewing and promoting their work I have directed many more people to my other social media accounts.
This is cool, so I say to all authors out there lets help each other. We can interview, have guest posts on blogs, review people’s work. Basically if we promote each other and in turn promote ourselves then the job can be more efficient and lots of fun.


So having said that remember Stitch Says is always open for more interviews, reviews and guest posts. I also would love to connect with more authors who do the same. We need to have a blog party… working on that idea. Think we could have a lot of fun.
Any way if you want to join me in promoting your own work, the work of others or support me in marketing my work email me at

Looking forward to meeting more people soon! Have Fun!

Story Ideas #amwriting #starttheyearoffwrite

I thought this month I would blog about how I go about writing. It’s not rocket science, but it is something that I have been developing for a while. Today I will start with the very first step.

Getting ideas…

I am lucky I work with dogs and kids… yep a little crazy too. So what does that mean? Well aside from having a car full of hair and often not quite enough room for my kids it means getting lots of writing material. My dogs have always been clowns. It all started with Obi. That boy had personality to burn. He was so funny and so confident in himself. It was hilarious to watch him with the students. I even had one ten week block where he completely ignored the existence of the child at the end of his lead. Only Obi could do that. Anyway that’s another story. Obi was incredible at making people laugh. Then there is Stitch. The polar opposite in some ways. What he lacks in confidence he makes up for in sheer desire to work. That boy can go, go and go all day. He also has a lot of personality. Now we will be introducing Chewie. This boy is super confident and has mustered personality from somewhere. He is going to write my stories for me!!!!

I also have two daughters with highly active imaginations. That all helps with material and story ideas about dogs and kids. What if I want to write about something else???? Well the dogs help there too…


Pirate Stitch is actually the inspiration for a pirate story I am working on. No he is not a dog in the story. However some of his personality traits may be in there. That’s the beauty of writing. I can use whatever I want and make it into a character of my choice (more about characters later).

There you have it an idea from a photo
The dreaded pirate Captain Walt Sharkchum! Will stop at nothing to find his missing treasure and rule the world. However sisters Aurora and Kate Cutty have different ideas.

Moving on to planning the story… that will be my next blog – fortunately it was also part of the first prompt for the Start the Year Write challenge! I’m off to do challenge two now. Until next time – have fun!

New Addition #labrador #puppy

Okay I know I blog about the dogs a lot, but you know you love it. They are a big part of our lives and my writing. I have missed my sweet boy Obi as has my Little Man Stitch.
Lnl_Yellow (234)
They were quite a pair. Anyway it is time to make this family whole again. Tonight we went and met our new Little Guy. He will bring a whole new dimension to our lives and plenty of writing material. I would like to introduce you to Chewbacca (Chewie).
I look forward to seeing what he will bring to our lives.
Stitch had a good sniff of me when I got home, then he lay down on Chewie’s new blanket and went to sleep. Hopefully that means they will be friends from the start. Whatever happens it won’t take long.
Chewie will be joining Stitch over on my Stitch Says blog – think I’ll add a Chewie’s news section or something. It’s going to be a lot of fun. We have four weeks until he comes home, that will go fast! I am looking forward to having him home. Until next time – have fun!

Stitch Reporting #labslife


Stitch here, I hijacked Mum’s blog tonight to report on my weekend. It’s time I spoke up. I mean I do everything around here. I even help Mum sell her books. Yes that’s me at her book launch and in her author photo.

My next character - Stitch!
My next character – Stitch!

Yep that is me and she uses me because I’m cute. Not complaining, it means I get to go everywhere and meet all these cool kids. Still I work really hard. Anyway that’s not why I have stolen the blog. I stole it because this is how I get repaid. Friday night my bed was moved. Taken from my comfy spot with the best view of the TV and put in another room. No TV in there. then to make matters worse a tree was put in its place. Then They got up at a ridiculous hour Saturday morning and made me eat breakfast. then they left me all by myself for most of the day. When they returned did I get to go for a walk??? NO! They decorated the tree. This also included the girls wearing silly hats and singing a lot. Finally they put this really noisy train around the tree and let it run and run and run. I’m telling you there needs to be lots of Stitch gifts under this tree!


It didn’t end there though. We all had to wear sully hats, yes me included and get our annual Xmas photo taken. No I didn’t smile, I learnt that from Obi. Still I did look pretty, well I always look pretty!

To make matters worse there is talk of a puppy! Not sure what that’s all about!


I guess Mum tried to make up to me, I got to play at work today and lots of cuddles. Must mention my couch is still in prime position, right in front of the TV. So not all bad I guess. Also some mention of a holiday with Tug, that sounds like fun. Speaking of which I believe Mum finishes this with the words – have fun!

Well that’s it from me – for now, so Woof oh and have fun!